After law enforcement officers shot and killed an armed man who attempted to enter an FBI building in Cincinnati, an Ohio-based conservative activist says the public must find a more peaceful way to fight back against their corrupt government.

In the wake of the controversial FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a -Lago estate, a 19-year-old was stopped while trying to enter the field office. The man fled the scene and was pursued by Ohio state troopers, who shot and killed him later that day to end a half-day standoff.

Tom Zawistowski, who leads the We the People Convention, says the attacker’s anger at our government is understandable but his violent plan was not.

“He felt our government – the state – made him feel like that was his only option left. That’s a tragedy,” Zawistowski says. “It didn’t happen in a vacuum.”

After last weekend’s FBI raid, the Dept. of Justice complained it is observing online threats against the agency, including a threat of setting off a dirty bomb, and calls for an “armed rebellion” and “civil war” in the country, Fox News reported.

Just hours after the FBI radio, Texas-based radio host Jesse Kelly warned on Twitter that the Feds are “trying to antagonize you into doing something dumb and illegal so they can send their goons after you. Just like they did on January 6th.”

His advice? “Don’t take the bait,” he wrote.


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