A pro-Israel activist says Swedes should be outraged after three Muslim men received lenient sentences for a gang rape that was streamed live of Facebook.

A court sentenced the men last week for the January rape of a victim.

One man was sentenced for 27 months, the longest by far. The second man received a six-month sentence and the third man received a year’s sentence that was halved because he was a minor at the time, ABC News reported.

Two of the men are Afghan nationals and the third man is a Swedish citizen of Afghan descent.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations likens the light sentencing to Muslim countries where women are raped if they’re seen in public without being fully covered, and she suspects western-born men would have been treated differently by the courts.

Sweden, meanwhile, has been called the “rape capital” of Europe and right-wing politicians in that country tie the spike in sexual assaults dating back to 2010 to Muslim immigrants flooding the country.

An analysis by fact-checking website Snopes downplayed crime statistics that suggested serious problems in Sweden, and a Swedish researcher told the BBC that the record-breaking number of rapes in her country – the second-highest in the world – is due to varying legal definitions.

“You’re putting them in a culture that is completely foreign to them,” says Cardoza-Moore, “and then you’re turning them loose and apologizing to the citizens that, We’re sorry these people are not used to living under a western country or a western democracy. It’s absolutely outrageous.”


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