Some state legislators are getting tough on college campuses that take tax dollars but allow students to shout down conservative speech they don’t like.

Ann Coulter was locked out of Berkeley last week, but she was hardly the first conservative speaker to run into the radical PC police.

When now-former Breitbart editor and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos gave a speech at UMass in 2016, protesters yelled, “Keep your hate speech off this campus!”

The heckler’s veto has gotten the attention of lawmakers in Wisconsin, home to one of the more liberal state university systems, where Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says they are taking some proactive steps by introducing the Campus Free Speech Act.

“The most important thing to me in a democracy,” Vos tells OneNewsNow, “is the right for people who vigorously disagree to have that respectful disagreement and hopefully common sense prevails.”

The bill mandates that the University of Wisconsin adopt a policy which highlights the importance of free speech, that the college must remain neutral on controversial issues, and that all sides have a right to express themselves.

The bill also mandates consequences for students who block the free speech of others – including expulsion.

Jonathan Butcher of the Goldwater Institute, which helped craft the legislation, says it should also do away with another liberal sacred cow: the so-called “safe space” for left-wing students troubled by right-wing beliefs.

“Campuses and university systems need to take a position in favor of free speech,” he says.

Colorado has already adopted a similar bill, and five other states including Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia are currently considering versions.


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