A New York Times bestselling author says today’s “woke” Left has pulled a page from Mao Zedong’s dystopian cultural revolution and is using it to “groom” America’s children in school.

As AFN reported on Friday, psychologist Jordan Peterson has pointed out some striking similarities he’s seen between the American “woke” culture and the old USSR. Well, it’s also intentionally like Mao’s Communist China, according to noted author and mathematician Dr. James Lindsay.

“Mao had a whole program he used in schools – and I see something so similar to that in our schools now that I’m freaking out,” said Lindsay during an appearance last week on the Joe Rogan podcast.

“The goal is actually to destabilize the kids’ identity so that they are ‘groomable’ – that’s identity without an essence in queer theory,” he explained. “Then you groom them into this stuff and then they look at their parents’ culture … their parents themselves … their parents’ generation and … their parents’ religion and they say, ‘That doesn’t represent me. We need something completely different.”

According to Lindsay, that’s exactly what Americans are seeing in the current education regime.

He then explained why liberal school boards are trying to cut parents out of their children’s education: “The goal is to separate the new generation from the traditions and views of the old generation. For Mao it was to destroy the so-called ‘four olds’ – old culture, old habits, old customs, and old ways of thinking. It was like destroy the old culture.”

Be warned, Lindsay concluded – in China, the intolerance led to violence. “And then [the children] would go home and they eventually got to where they were beating their parents [and] their teachers who were considered reactionary instead of being in favor of the Chinese cultural revolution.”

On critical race theory

On his website, Lindsay tackles one of the more controversial issues in modern U.S. education: the teaching of critical race theory. He defines CRT (in part) as follows:

“Critical race theory is centrally concerned with power, which it holds in higher regard than truth …. It is not interested in progress but revolution …. [It] favors equity over equality …. [It] explicitly endorses historical revisionism ….”

“It explicitly characterizes the idea of (racial) equality as a kind of conspiracy theory that leads people, especially people of color…, to accept the status quo and their systemically oppressed state of affairs.”

And his definition of CRT concludes with:

“Critical race theorists … recommend that we all focus on race and racism specifically at all times and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring and other opportunities. In practice, this often means to run mandatory implicit bias tests and training in workplaces and ensure that more people of racial minorities are represented in any (prestigious) workplace that lacks them.”


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