Talk about embarrassing! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to slam Kentucky Republicans for posing old, creepy members next to “young female legislators.” There was just one problem. The creepy, old guy is a Democrat! Also, Joe Biden has decided to run for president again, and he kicked off his campaign by going straight after President Trump and labeling him a racist.

Ok, there are gaffes, and then there are those head-scratching moments that make you go “what????” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had one of those moments yesterday, and this one actually ties in quite appropriately with touchy-feely Joe Biden.

In an effort to slam Kentucky Republicans for posing an “old Republican” next to a cardboard cutout of her, Ocasio-Cortez ended up blasting Kentucky’s lone Democrat instead! Oops.

Also, Joe Biden kicked off his campaign for president by releasing a video that focuses on President Trump and paints the president as a racist. Biden says that the country needs someone better? Who??? Touchy-feely Joe Biden? Check out today’s show for all the details.

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