Had any prophet of doom tried to warn to America, only two or three years back, of the abominable changes that have since befallen our Country, we would have immediately consigned him to the tin-foil hat and lizard men from space brigade. Yet as we look around us, we are faced with one unthinkable affront to truth and decency after another, with no end in sight.

If one attempts to compile even a partial list of the outrages that have been perpetrated against our once great land, the “big picture” very quickly becomes very ugly. Actions that would have been universally condemned as criminal and even treasonous in the no so distant past are not only occurring on a regular basis, they are doing so to the applause of a sizeable number (though nowhere near a majority) of sick, twisted leftists, who no longer hide their malicious intent. These people not only roam the streets freely, they now hold public positions from which they hurl blanket condemnations against anyone who dares confront their lunatic professions and policies.

Thankfully, the mask minions are dwindling in numbers. The empty headed fear mongering and sanctimony under which they groveled for the past two years is yet enough to convince some of the more pathologically gullible, who still strut proudly in our midst, frequently accompanied by their similarly muzzled children. But the total uselessness of the masks, at least from a medical perspective, has been well established from the start of the contrived “Pandemic”/panic. And most people are now able to rise above them as security blankets or emblems of presumed “virtue.”

To a lesser extent, people are awakening to the sinister realities of the vaccine cure-all. It is still touted as the “savior of humanity,” and even being forcibly pumped into innocent children, who stand to gain virtually nothing from it, while facing ever more obvious risks. But previous expectations that widespread vaccinations would eradicate the Wuhan virus and herald a return to normalcy were totally misbegotten. Claims of their worthiness have been steadily lowered. The quaint notion of the vax actually imparting immunity on its recipients is derided as being so “old school,” as if it could somehow serve a “higher purpose.” As demands from some that the populace be coerced and forced to submit to it reach a fanatical pitch, they are no longer accompanied by the promise of anything worthwhile that such a dangerous and despotic over-reach might accomplish.

Yet in a very real sense, all of the lies and abuses associated with the Wuhan virus are merely a foreshadowing of the abhorrent intentions of the leftists/globalists who have seized upon the situation (If, in fact, they didn’t deliberately instigate it) to stampede a frightened populace into mindless submission. Either way, the ruse worked. Official edicts from state and federal offices have become a total mockery the Constitution and the Rule of Law. And with each passing day, these abuses of power stray further and further from any “public health” related issue. That development was totally by design.

In truth, leftist Democrats had long sought an excuse to open their floodgates of power-grubbing corruption, to seize control over our Nation, never to relinquish it. The Wuhan virus merely gave them the facade of a “crisis” to make it all happen in the midst of fear and panic. Predictably, the direction in which our Country moved, ever since the start of the “lockdowns,” has been relentlessly leftward. Contrived chaos always has that effect. In retrospect, the stage was being set, long before the “Plague of 2020” hit our shores.

As far back as the 1990s, ominous rumors began to circulate, that the Clintons were doing a custom remake of the IRS, in an effort to selectively attack people and organizations deemed to be their enemies. Flagrant crimes and abuses of government offices went unaddressed, leaving the criminal, and decidedly partisan leftist/Democrat cancer in place. The general fecklessness of George Bush Jr. allowed those offices to retain their seditious elements, which then quickly reemerged under the even more malevolent Obama White House.

To his credit, President Trump identified these evil entities, and worked tirelessly to root them out. But the depth and scope of the malignancy was even more extensive than he had imagined, so it ultimately remained in place, stalling his efforts to return the Nation to civility and justice. And it was these detestable forces, not the will of the American people, that in a widespread and coordinated effort, ultimately determined the outcome of the stolen 2020 Presidential Election.

From the lunacy of Marxist indoctrination overtaking government schools, to the riots in the streets, to the official edicts that totally defile individual rights and legal protections, leftists have wormed their way into every influential position in our society, promoting their sickness when venom and brutality, demanding compliance and blind allegiance from any under their watch. Even the US Armed Forces have not escaped this insidious onslaught, more pernicious and of greater consequence than any foreign military attack on our Nation in all of its history. Buttressing all of it, “Big Tech” has been working overtime to prevent the truth from being sufficiently realized by the common citizen to generate an appropriate backlash.

Yet such a response is entirely warranted, and in fact is the only means of turning back this evil tide. Those courageous Canadian truckers are proving to the world that it is not only justified, it is the only course of action showing any promise of actually changing things. Despite all of the condemnation and derision being parroted by the predictable grandstanding leftist political players and their Fake News lackeys, public response has been enormously supportive of the truckers, both in Canada and in America. Citizens all along the route of the caravan have braved the cold and the noise to show their solidarity.

It is understandable that people are weary of the onslaught, and just wish it would all go away. But that is not the nature of any morally bankrupt political movement, especially one that has enjoyed so much success as a result of its duplicity and the vileness of its tactics. Passivity at this juncture equals complicity, because it enables the injustices and abuses to continue unchallenged. If Americans want this situation to change, they had better realize that they will have to be the ones to change it. Doing any less is a betrayal of our heritage, and of every future generation that will then be forced to live under the appalling shadow of despotism.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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