A Christian apologist gives a possible reason for why fewer voters think America is the best place to live.

According to the Fox poll, 69% of voters believe America is the greatest country to live – that is down 14 points from 2015. The decline is led by those under the age of 45, although the percentage declined across all age groups.

When asked if America’s best days are ahead of or behind her, Republicans showed the largest decline in optimism about the future – down 35 percent since 2017.

Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation has an idea why younger people are down on America.

“These Millennials and younger that don’t think America is a great place to live, for one thing they may have never traveled to other parts of the world … and seen how the rest of the world doesn’t have the amenities we take for granted,” he suggests.

He also says young Americans have never seen America at her best.

“They’ve come up in K-12 public school, where America is endlessly denigrated,” McFarland observes. “They’re reflecting the worldview that’s been pumped into them.”

He is reminded of a picture from the 1930s that shows a farmer and kids as it begins to rain after a long drought. The farmer is elated. The kids, never having seen rain, are perplexed.

“We’re living at a time where there are masses of young adults and teens — they’ve never seen a move of God … in this nation,” the apologist observes. “We who know the Lord, we’ve got to pray, and we’ve got to help this generation rediscover God and country.”


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