One of the advocates of a movement urging Idahoans to disobey the governor’s stay at home order has been arrested at a protest in Meridian.

Forty-year-old Sarah Brady, who’s affiliated with the anti-vaccine groups Idahoans for Vaccine Freedom Health Freedom Idaho, was arrested at Kleiner Park in Meridian Tuesday afternoon.

The video has seemingly since been deleted, as has the Facebook group where it was posted. A portion of the video showing the arrest has surfaced on other social media channels.

As a video posted to Facebook by a fellow protester shows, police had asked Brady and others gathered at the playground several times to leave. After telling the officer to arrest her, she turned her back to him while putting her hands behind her.

“Do it,” she said.

Boise Public Radio

We went to Officers Branden Eugene Fiscus house.
He is the man that arrested a mother for being in the park yesterday.
The people will not tolerate for long this type of bad acting from those who claim to be serving us.
It may be hard for me to say this, but I do believe there are many officers in the police forces that disagree with the stay at home orders, and when it comes down to it, they will stand with the people.
Until then, we will hold them accountable the best we can.

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