According to Education Week, Seattle Public Schools is planning to “infuse” math classes from kindergarten through the 12th grade with “ethnic-studies” questions. The reason? Math has been “appropriated” by Western culture to oppress other cultures.

Seattle’s effort is part of a movement to “rehumanize” math, the story states.

Daily Signal columnist Jarrett Stepman tells OneNewsNow the introduction of this “woke math” tells students they are oppressed and fails to focus on actual math.

In his Daily Signal op-ed, Stepman says although students will be less-knowledgeable of math, they are being groomed to be “social justice warriors” who have been radicalized by being told they are oppressed.

Yet those who are pushing this curriculum are deadly serious and relentless, Stepman warns, and unless something is done by parents, he predicts “woke math” will quickly spread nationwide.

“If your school does have this kind of thing, pull your kids out of school,” he says. “Support things like school choice. Homeschool your kids.”


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