Every day, the media and other Democrats seek to brand Republicans as racists if they dare disagree with Democrats’ radical leftist ideology and policies.

Democrats who engage in lawless acts and who happen to be people of color, are treated as heroes. That includes two legislators who participated in a riot, protest or insurrection in Tennessee with the aim of disrupting legislative hearings and then got themselves expelled from that body as a result. They were invited to the White House and they were feted. That stands in stark contrast to the failure of Joe Biden to visit the Christian families of Nashville who were just killed recently by a transgender mass shooter. But Biden being Biden, he invited the two disruptive legislators to D.C. for the purpose of playing the race card. He certainly didn’t want to take questions on Afghanistan.

In contrast, for decades Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been under attack from the left for the sole reason that he is a black conservative. When Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court, the media and other Democrats sought to destroy him for an unconfirmed story about some kind of sex harassment against Anita Hill, which Thomas vehemently denied. It was no different from their comparable effort to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh with an unverified story about things he supposedly did when he was young during his Supreme Court hearings.

Now they are out to destroy Thomas because he took trips with a billionaire friend without disclosing them, which based on a loophole in U.S. law, he wasn’t required to report anyway. Rather than close the loophole, which they have the power to do as legislators, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants Thomas to be impeached for this. There is absolutely no indication that Thomas has ever done political favors for the billionaire in exchange for the trips, so why is this treated as a big scandal?

USAToday put out the following story and described it as a scandal, dredging up the unverified Anita Hill story to boot. They even said Biden had to deal with it as if it were a major development and Biden should get involved.

Following furor over GOP-donor luxury trips, Joe Biden reckons with another Clarence Thomas scandal

Anita Hill’s riveting testimony alleging sexual harassment by Clarence Thomas was still fresh on Joe Biden’s mind when he gaveled the Senate Judiciary Committee back to order.

“Tough day – tough night for you,” Biden told the Supreme Court nominee. “Do you have anything you’d like to say?”

Over the next few minutes on that evening of Oct. 11, 1991, Thomas would denounce Hill’s allegations as “sleaze,” “gossip” and “lies” and characterize the committee’s confirmation hearing helmed by Biden as “a circus” and “a national disgrace.”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Thomas concluded of the televised hearing, “it’s a high-tech lynching for uppity Blacks.”

I don’t recall USAToday calling it a scandal that Biden frequently stays at a private equity billionaire’s mansion. I bet he doesn’t disclose the huge value of these stays on his disclosure forms. How much would it cost for a family to stay there? It certainly exceeds the annual gift tax exclusion.

According to the New York Post:

For the second straight year, President Biden and his family will spend Thanksgiving at the Nantucket home of private-equity billionaire David Rubenstein — and Biden’s 2024 plans could be among the dinner table discussion topics.

Joe Biden, his wife Jill, and other family members were set to fly to the upscale Massachusetts island on Air Force One later Tuesday and remain there until Sunday, the White House confirmed over the weekend.

While there, the Bidens plan to stay at Rubenstein’s sprawling, $20 million waterfront home, the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror reported.

The media still don’t even care about the massive Biden family scandal of taking huge kickbacks for years from many foreign sources as has been revealed from the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop and other sources, but Clarence Thomas takes a trip with a billionaire and he must be destroyed.

It should be a scandal that the son of George Soros, who funds so many leftist D.A.s has so much access to White House, making multiple trips there, but the media and other Democrats don’t care.

According to the Daily Mail:

The son of billionaire philanthropist George Soros made more than a dozen trips to the White House last year as he follows in his father’s footsteps as a prolific Democratic networker.

Alexander Soros, 37, frequently posts shots of himself with Democratic politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Sen. Chuck Schumer – whom he called a ‘good friend.’

And recently-updated White House logs reveal he has visited at least 14 times since December 2021.

So no matter how many career criminals get out to increase crime throughout the country as a result of these Soros-funded district attorneys, there are few stories in the media about the Soros family contributions to it.

No matter how much minority communities and families are destroyed by this crime, there is no outrage.

No matter how many minorities are shot and killed by career criminals, there is no demand that Soros family funders stop. Biden and other Democrats don’t say a word.

But if Clarence Thomas takes some legally permitted trips, he must be stopped.

It is so hard to spot that everything from the media is about pushing a leftist agenda.

They don’t care what color of person they insist on destroying. The only thing they care about is whether their targets are conservatives — and they have a special little cold spot for black conservatives.

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