A Christian apologist, speaker, and author cites three probable reasons why a significant minority of self-described evangelical Christians voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Trump won the White House with a large percentage of evangelicals supporting him. According to ABC’s exit polling, eight in ten evangelicals voted for the billionaire businessman, a strong part of the unsettled majority that carried him to the White House. However, 16 percent of those same evangelicals told pollsters they pulled the lever for Mrs. Clinton.

“It would be a puzzlement to many people how professed Christians who love the Lord and believe his Word could vote for the most pro-abortion, pro-‘so many things that the Bible is against’ candidate in American history,” says Alex McFarland.

A hallmark of the evangelical creed is a belief that the Bible is the Word of God and speaks with authority on the issues it addresses – life and marriage among them. McFarland sees three reasons why evangelicals would abandon those seminal issues.

“Number one is biblical illiteracy. Number two is the assumption that faith and life are in two different categories,” he lists. “Third is voting pragmatism over principle.”

Indeed, research outside of politics for years has revealed a growing ignorance of basic scriptural knowledge among those who claim the name of Christ. And while the man at the top of the GOP ticket arguably was a poor representation of godly virtues, McFarland says what he stood for was right down the middle.

“The Trump-Pence platform – from marriage, religious freedom, the makeup of the Supreme Court, national defense, terrorism, our relationship with the nation of Israel – any conservative, constitutionalist Christian would be proud to vote for their platform and their team,” he states.

Comments about Trump by evangelist Franklin Graham yesterday on American Family Radiocomport with McFarland’s argument.

“He’s not a perfect person. He needs prayer and he needs our support, more now than ever,” Graham said. “So I would encourage the Church to continue to pray as our nation is still in trouble – and there are a lot of challenges out there and we need to pray that God will give him wisdom and guide and direct him.”

God “showed up” on Tuesday, he added, when millions of church-going Americans went to the polls and allowed God to guide and direct them as they voted. He also has described Trump’s victory as the “biggest political upset of our lifetime.”


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