Enough Republicans in the Senate will vote with Democrats to block President Trump from his using emergency powers to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Happily, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the votes to override Mr. Trump’s veto.

So he says he won’t vote with the Democrats to override that expected Trump veto.

Two cheers for the Mitchman.

He and the other anti-emergency powers Republicans would have a good case if Mr. Trump were conducting an imperial presidency the way his predecessors in both parties did, going back to former President Lyndon Barnes Johnson.

But Mr. Trump instead has had to face Democrat-light GOP leadership in both chambers.

The failure of Republicans to understand the levers of power available to them and to use them for necessary ends — like the southern border wall — is tantamount to felonious negligence.

It is also typically Republican.

And worrying about what damage Democrats will wreak when one of them presides over the Oval Office and is in a position to invoke presidential emergency powers is just plain silly.

Like the Paul Ryan-led House, where the GOP minority is now led by someone equally worthless, the GOP Senate is a living insult to conservatives and those Republicans who aren’t Never Trumpers.

Take down the names of every GOP senator who votes against emergency power for the wall and keep the list handy.

Remember, these rapscallions are needed FOR NOW so that the Senate continues to have a nominal GOP majority to get Trump judicial appointees approved.

Other than that, the GOP Senate has been largely an obstruction to the Trump agenda.

No, a third party is not the answer. It will just dilute whatever power conservatives have.

“Keep the Senate, take back the House” must be the war chant for conservatives who absolutely have to keep trying to get conservative GOP leadership in both chambers.

That’s the way this game is set up to be played.

Not the way conservatives wish it were set up.

So live with it.

Learn it.

Win with it.

Or take up knitting.

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