Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and a host of other left wing activists were so strong in their condemnation of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin. They called it a “hate crime.” They proclaimed that “justice” needed to be served. They said Trayvon died because of his race. So… regarding the truly senseless killing of Chris Lane, where is all the outrage now?

Australian Chris Lane was a college student in America. He will never see graduation day. Lane was gunned down by three teenagers who were “bored” and decided to kill someone.

Not only was this a targeted attack, not self defense as in the Zimmerman case, but it was also was perpetrated by three teenagers against a white student. And there’s more… one of the suspects, James Francis Edwards, has a twitter page where his anti-white feelings are clearly evident. This is obviously a “hate crime,” right? The media should be descending on this case with zeal, right? Not so fast.

The so-called civil rights leaders are silent. Barack Obama is silent. The media are silent. What is going on here?

When two police officers arrested Obama’s Harvard professor friend, who is black, Obama immediately denounced the action and suggested there was a racial motive. Obama called for a “dialogue on race” and other meaningless gestures. When Trayvon Martin, who is black, attacked George Zimmerman, Obama said nothing about the attack, but came out against the death of Martin, and once again, suggested that race was involved.

Now, we have a clear case of racial hatred and murder. Yet all we are getting is silence. Why aren’t James Francis Edwards, Chancey Luna, and Michael Jones receiving the same outrage as Zimmerman?

The Daily Caller reports on the tweets of Edwards:

Edwards’ social media activities are still on stark display and show the teen glorifying hip-hop, violence and sex. Pictures on Facebook also show Edwards and Luna wearing gang colors and flashing gang signs.

A couple of Tweets also suggest that Edwards wasn’t fond of white people.

On April 29, he tweeted, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

On July 15, days after the George Zimmerman verdict, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.”

“Woods” is a derogatory term for white people.

Here’s a report from Fox News:

At the beginning of the report, Rush Limbaugh asks a very important question: Why does the left protect racism? Think about that one for a moment, because it’s true. The left’s selective outrage on racial violence is sickening. They don’t want equality. In fact, Obama and others go out of there way to promote a culture in which certain groups get a free pass to do whatever they want to do.

As reported by the Washington Post, Jesse Jackson tweeted about the Chris Lane murdered and wrote that this kind of “senseless violence” should be “frowned upon.” That’s right… that’s what he wrote.

Did Jackson express outrage? Did he call for a national conversation on race? Nope. He just said that such things should be “frowned upon.” As one respondent to Jackson’s tweet posted: “Not picking up your dog’s poop at a public park is #FrownedUpon Jesse Jackson.”

This is the level of “outrage” we can expect from Jackson and others. Of all the people in America, people like Jackson, Obama, and Sharpton should be the most vocal. This culture of violence has got to stop. It should not be condoned, much less supported by the sound of their silence.

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