Spare us the crocodile tears.

Where was the liberal outrage when President Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011? Or when other past presidents from both parties restricted immigration from various regions, including President Jimmy Carter’s ban on Muslim-majority Iran during the hostage crisis. There were no tears, But progressives will look for any excuse to call President Trump a bigot.

His latest offense? Trying to keep another radicalized Muslim terrorist from slipping through and attacking the next Marathon.

Trump’s order pausing travel from seven Middle East terror hot spots is a courageous first step. We know ISIS soldiers are exploiting the refugee crisis. Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned us.

We also recall the jihadi bride who slaughtered 14 Americans in San Bernardino. Had she been vetted thoroughly, the feds would have seen her pledging allegiance to ISIS on social media.

The outrage machine calls Trump’s temporary travel pause a “Muslim Ban.” But if his intention was to ban Muslims, he’d have to ban 1.6 billion of them from dozens of countries. He didn’t, because he’s not anti-Muslim. He’s anti-radical Islam.

The Obama administration had declared Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and other countries on Trump’s list “areas of concern” in terrorism. In 2011, Obama’s concern was so great he barred Muslim refugees from Iraq for six months. Did Democrats accuse him of Islamaphobia? Of course not. Obama is a liberal, and liberals get a pass.

But when a Republican acts to fix our broken immigration system, the left ramps up the name-calling.

No matter. Most Americans — 57 percent in the latest Rasmussen poll — support President Trump’s temporary travel pause until our government can properly vet those entering our country.

It’s unfortunate that we can’t see the same kind of outrage from liberals for fellow Americans who’ve been killed, maimed or lost limbs in deadly terror attacks on our soil by radical Muslim terrorists.

When Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse nightclub in the worst terror attack on our soil since 9/11, what did liberals do? They blamed guns. The fact that Mateen was a Muslim terrorist who yelled “Allahu Akbar” while murdering gay Americans was a footnote. Most Democrats would rather attack the NRA than risk offending a Muslim.

Obama’s eight-year apology tour did little to pacify barbaric radicals that behead and burn men, women and children alive. Trump is now honoring his campaign promise to fix our broken Immigration system and do whatever it takes to Make America Safe Again.

Bottom line: We finally have a Commander in Chief who puts national security before political correctness.

Adriana Cohen is Host of the “Adriana Cohen Show” airing Wednesday at noon on Boston Herald Radio. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16.


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