For the last two months, I’ve been trying to get the phone logs from Attorney General Maura Healey’s much-ballyhooed “hate crime hotline.”

Finally, she coughed them up. If you think the left hasn’t lost its collective mind, check out the complaints.

There are a number of recurring themes here, one of which is “No information on perpetrator.” (That’s from Cambridge on Nov. 15.)

Brookline, Nov. 16: “At a traffic light someone yelled something that shocked her, and she would like to report it.”

That’s it. Nothing more.

Maura set up this preposterous hotline after the first rash of post-election fake hate crimes. Remember all those — the guy at the T stop in Malden, the Babson students driving to Wellesley College, the college students in New York, Louisiana, Philadelphia, etc. etc.

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How appropriate it seems that one of the first calls was to give Maura a heads-up on the fakest of the fake Massachusetts hate crimes:

“Wellesley College incident that happened last week, wanted to make sure our office is looking into it, as this was a hate crime, is concerned about the minority and the LGBT community.”

Never happened. End of story. Glad the AG’s office was right on top of something that was a total fabrication!

Among the moonbats, anything can now be construed as a hate crime. One woman reports she was “scowled” at. Another was ripped off by a washing machine at a laundromat. (How dare you, Donald Trump!)

Here’s one from Nov. 21 from a woman on Route 128:

“A white male passed her and aggressively flipped her (off). She then noticed he had a Trump sticker on his bumper and she has a Hillary one.”

Is the perp a Trump supporter, or just a normal Boston driver, and does it matter to the loony left?

You know what’s another real hotbed of fake hate crimes by Donald Trump supporters? Senior citizens’ bingo games.

“Some white women were wearing Trump shirts. They started harassing us. Called us names. Said we had to move out of the country.”

Maura’s hacks actually did some follow-up on this one. Here’s the information on this tragic hate crime:

“Senior lunch for these women it’s bingo day as well… the senior women feel entitled. But he (the manager) did not hear them saying anything towards the people that where (sic) there.”

That’s okay, if the Hillary voters think the old ladies may have been wearing a Trump shirt, and that they might have been considering saying something — then go right ahead, call the fake hate crime hotline! That’s what it’s there for.

Not all the nutty calls come from Cambridge. Some came from the People’s Republic across the river — Brookline. The person who took this call from Muddy River is not good on spelling or grammar:

“Son, 16, is the Massachusetts Futsal (sic) Association Indoor Soccer League and one (of) the teams has named themselves ‘Hilary (sic) for Prison’ and once they contacted the league and looked into the policy and it says (it) can’t have any political names, they hanged (sic) to the Silent Majority. She is concerned because in the league there are a lot (of) kids that come from all different backgrounds and coaches that are immigrants and so on.”

These Trump supporters wear the most ingenious disguises as they roam the commonwealth terrorizing the non-working classes. Here’s one from a Worcester resident Nov. 15:

“On his way to hospital, got out at Belmont exit and was harassed by a panhandler.”

Panhandlers for Trump — another one of their nefarious alt-right fronts! I’ll bet that bum was Steve Bannon.

More from the hate crime hotline tomorrow.

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