A terrorism expert is concerned that President Joe Biden may yield to pressure from a Muslim group that’s demanding creation of what amounts to an Islamophobia “czar.”

According to Associated Press of Pakistan, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations has called on Biden to appoint a special envoy to the State Department to monitor and combat “Islamophobia.” Along with appointing a special envoy, the USCMO also requested that the Biden administration include Muslims at every level of government, meet with Muslim community leaders, and pursue systemic policy reforms to address “anti-Muslim discrimination.”

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, maintains that the ultimate goal of the USCMO’s request is to compel the U.S. to adopt sharia blasphemy laws. “That’s really what this agenda is all about,” he tells One News Now.

Jihad Watch contends that the envoy – should the position come to pass – would be tasked with the “systematic hunting down” of organizations and individuals who “offend” Islam; and that the guidelines for determining what constitutes an offense to Islam would be in the hands of the USCMO.


“In such a scenario,” says Jihad Watch, “the First Amendment would be rendered null and void.”

Will Biden go along with the group’s demand? Spencer admits he would be very surprised if the president didn’t.

“Because Biden, during his campaign, appealed to Muslim groups, called for their support, promised to give them what they wanted. So there’s no reason to think that he’s not going to follow through now,” the JW leader explains.

Ultimately, according to Spencer, there would be a complete silencing – and criminalization – of any opposition to jihad violence and sharia oppression. “And people who engage in it will be fined and possibly even imprisoned in the very near future in the United States,” he predicts.


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