If he enters the White House, Joe Biden is vowing to use a phone and a pen and undo many of the gains President Trump has accumulated over four years.

Many of President Trump’s accomplishments were gained by executive orders: the massive deregulation of the government, religious freedom and pro-life gains, and moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Gary Bauer of American Values points out, however, that anything Trump did by executive order can be undone by a Biden administration by executive order.

So what are we likely to see if Biden takes the Oval Office?

“We’re going to see Biden, by executive order, reentering the Paris climate accord,” Bauer predicts. “He’s going to end the travel ban on extremist Muslim countries. He will end the ban in the military on transgenders. Biden will re-involve us with the World Health Organization, which ended up acting like the Chinese Health Organization at the beginning of the pandemic.”

All of those big changes were also cited by a Nov. 8 Forbes article that added one more: Biden will reinstate the DREAMers program that would be a “direct reversal” of Trump’s immigration policies.

With such a big left-wing turn planned for the White House, Bauer says there are many Never Trump conservatives, including prominent Evangelicals, who deserve to answer for allowing that to happen if Biden is certified as president.

“I would like to sit down and have a long talk with a group called Pro-lifers for Biden,” Bauer tells OneNewsNow. “Whatever confusion they were under, if they were actually a real organization, will be disabused in the opening days of a Biden administration.”


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