Several decades in, and many thousands dead later, the feckless liberals at MSNBC had a pertinent question, following the Turkey airport attack Tuesday.

“Is there a pattern to recent terror attacks?” the network asked on Twitter.


Not even the goofy sit-in by congressional Democrats, or their calls for domestic gun control after Orlando, exposes the barren intellectual wasteland of modern liberalism quite like that moronic question from a national television network.

“When Muslims show up chanting Allah, have bombs, guns, people die, my guess is there is a pattern,” one Twitter user responded.

Led by the president of the United States — dogged in his determination to personally rehabilitate radical Islam by pretending it doesn’t exist, no matter how many innocent people have to die — American liberals have performed mental gymnastics to look past the blood and the carnage and the chants of “Allahu Akbar” and the repeated declarations of jihad and radical Islamic motivations.

“It’s a hate crime!” they protest. “Americans hate gays!” “It’s guns!”

As others have noted, it’s easier in the eyes of American liberals for a man to identify as a woman than for a Muslim radical to identify as a Muslim radical.

The inanity of American liberals has gotten so bad that terror group al-Qaida has instructed its followers to only target the West’s majority whites — so their attacks in the name of Islam aren’t confused with “hate crimes” aimed at ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Even the terrorists are tearing their hair out trying to get through to liberals.

Far-left Bill Maher has stood nearly alone in Liberal-land, decrying what radical Muslims have done and are doing to women, gays and others whom American liberals usually protect and defend, but have not in the face of radical Islam.

After the Paris attacks, Maher said he’s winning liberal audiences over to his point of view.

“You have dared to challenge liberals to stand by their values,” a self-avowed liberal feminist Muslim woman told him.

“I’m winning a lot of them over,” Maher replied. “It’s amazing how they used to boo me, and now they don’t.”

He’s not winning quickly enough — nor is the U.S. in its fight against the jihadists and their ISIS safe haven in the rubble of Iraq and Syria.

Secretary of State John Kerry absurdly tried to spin Tuesday’s Turkey attack, which killed over 40 and injured over 200 others. He tried to argue that the attack was a sign that ISIS is losing.

Yes. And if we just restricted Americans’ access to guns, ISIS might really be on the run!

As much as we endorse the power of positive thinking, it has to be based on reality. You have to live in the real world. You cannot bend spoons with your mind, and you cannot bend the world to your liking with the force of your will.

American guns did not cause the attack in Istanbul. Neither did homophobia have anything to do with it. Will the bombs in Turkey wake anybody up?

This willful ignorance would be laughable if it didn’t weren’t so doggone dangerous. You cannot defeat an enemy that you won’t even acknowledge exists.

Say it with us: Radical. Islamic. Terrorism.


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