Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, Illinois, is in custody after two people were shot to death and at least one other was wounded in Kenosha on Tuesday night.

As we wait for details from official sources, here’s what appears to have happened based on dozens of eyewitness videos posted to social media.

A person is shot in a car lot

People are filming activity on the street when a male carrying a long gun sprints into the parking lot of Bert and Rudy’s Auto Service on 63rd Street and Sheridan.

He’s pursued by somebody who tosses an object that appears to be on fire; it misses. The two go out of sight behind a row of cars, and several gunshots are heard. People begin screaming and running.

In another video filmed from the lot, the male with the gun is seen running behind that row of cars, then turning around when his way is blocked by a parked van. A single gunshot is heard. The pursuer continues running toward the armed male. Four more shots ring out, and the pursuer drops.

The male with the gun runs around a row of cars; several more shots are heard. He emerges back in the area where the shooting victim lies. A man is beginning to attend to the victim, and someone says “Call 911.” The male with the gun pauses to look down at the body, then backs away and pulls out his phone. The man attending to the victim rips off his shirt to begin stanching the victim’s head wound.

As more people arrive on the scene, the male with the gun turns and begins running. He is holding his phone to his ear and, though audio is muffled, says what sounds like, “I shot somebody.”

As he runs from the scene, people are heard screaming, “He shot him!”

Two more are shot in the street

Several other videos show what seems to be the same person running north on Sheridan. He’s being chased by a handful of people; dozens of others are milling around in the street and some join the chase. Someone asks, “What he’d do?” and someone yells, “Hey, he shot him!”

The male with the gun trips and falls onto his back. A few people begin to run at him.

A person in light pants and a dark jacket jumps toward him, and the male with the gun, now half sitting up, aims at the person. He fires twice but appears to miss. The shooter falls backward and his legs come up, tangling with the person he’s just shot at. The person falls, then gets up and runs away.

A second person, holding a skateboard, runs up and hits the shooter on the head with the skateboard as he begins sitting up again. The person grabs the shooter’s gun, but the shooter still has hold of it and fires, appearing to hit the person in the chest as they pull back and begin to run away. The person crumples to the pavement a few feet away and lies still.

A third person, who had run to assist the person with the skateboard but retreated as shots were fired, rushes at the shooter, who is again sitting up. The shooter fires upward and appears to strike the person in the arm.

Shooter approaches police

The shooter stands up and begins walking north again in the middle of the road. What sounds like several shots are heard, their origin unclear.

Holding his gun to his chest, the shooter begins running toward the intersection of Sheridan and 60th Street, where two squad cars and three armored police vehicles are approaching. Someone yells, “Hey, he just shot them! Hey, dude right here just shot them!,” repeating that several times.

The shooter slows to a walk and raises his hands as he approaches the police vehicles. He waves at one, but it continues onward. A second police vehicle also passes him, and “Someone injured, straight ahead” can be heard through a loudspeaker. The shooter approaches the passenger side of a squad car parked on Sheridan, but then backs away. The video ends.

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