Bowing to the demands of homosexual activists, more than 100 colleges and universities are holding separate graduation ceremonies for homosexual and lesbian students.

They’re known as “Lavender Graduations”—a reference to the colored triangles the Nazis forced homosexuals men to wear.

Education news website Education Reform reported on this years graduations, citing a report from the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual lobbying group.

Advocates say they provide a sense of community for LGBTQ students. Still, Linda Harvey ofMission America has questions.

“And when do the Christian students get a separate graduation,” Harvey asks, “that would honor their struggle to maintain their increasingly unpopular faith in a politically correct world if we’re dividing students and separating people into special interest groups?”

Harvey believes holding separate ceremonies for homosexual students is actually counterproductive.

“The separation of homosexual students into their own graduation, and honoring them and respecting them in this way, is just one more plank in what is really a shaky platform of perpetual victimhood,” she tells OneNewsNow.

Not everyone in the homosexual community is in agreement with the “Lavender Graduations.”

Speaking anonymously to Campus Reform, one bisexual Missouri University student believes graduation is a time to bring people together, not separate them.

“To set up exclusive graduations for specific students, I feel, detracts from that,” the student said.

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