What an interesting Super Bowl Sunday. The game went right down to the wire, but in addition to the Patriots and Giants being on center stage, Barack Obama was given his share of airtime as well. Come on! Can’t we just keep the Super Bowl about football? First, there was an NBC interview with Obama in which he said he deserved a second term. Really? Then, there was the Clint Eastwood “Halftime in America” ad which basically was a plug for auto bailouts and Barack Obama.

During the NBC interview, Obama actually stated that he deserves a second term. Unreal. For what? For sky-high unemployment? For being the only president in history to run trillion dollar deficits in every year of office?

The president said American manufacturing still needs a boost and “We have got to make sure we are pushing American energy, not just oil and gas, but clean energy.”

Obama also said the country needed to return to “old-fashioned American values,” so “everyone gets a fair shake.”

Three years ago, Obama said if the economy hadn’t turned around by this time, his presidency would be “a one-term proposition.”

Wow, where to start? How about with “not just oil and gas?” Obama is so hostile to oil and gas that it’s absolutely outrageous that he would even act like he supports American energy at all. Halting the Keystone Pipeline is just one bit of evidence that Obama does not care about American energy independence.

Then, we have “old-fashioned American values.” Ugh! Is it old-fashioned values to make Catholic hospitals and universities go against their faith in order to provide Obama-mandated health insurance coverage? Is it old-fashioned American values to accuse the people who fund the government of not paying their fair share? Is it old-fashioned American values to divide Americans based on race and economic status?

So… that was our lead-in to the Super Bowl… an NBC fluff piece that was essentially a Barack Obama ad. Now, we have the real commercial thanks to Clint Eastwood:

Nice spot, right? Great music… good emotions. Except… the message. The message is all wrong. I guess the line that really rubs me the wrong way is when Eastwood says that Americans “rallied around what was right.” What in the world does that mean? Does it mean that whenever an industry gets in trouble, only government can bail them out? Nonsense!

Keep in mind that the problems in Detroit were not simply due to the downturn in the economy. Years of demographic studies, sales reports, and projections were ignored. The automakers kept making SUVs when people were thinking more about fuel economy… and so on.

The whole premise that unless the tax payers bailed out the auto industry under Obama’s leadership that there would be no more American cars is crazy. Corporations get in trouble… they get in the red… they file for bankruptcy protection, and they reorganize. Some make it. Some don’t. That’s how business should work.

As noted in the Wall Street Journal report, liberals were loving the commercial:

“Saving the America Auto Industry: Something Eminem and Clint Eastwood can agree on,” tweeted Dan Pfeiffer, the White House spokesman. Added David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist: “Powerful spot.” Filmmaker Michael Moore was a bit more direct (and apologies for the Twitterese): “Your sermon seemed 2 b a call 2 give O his ‘second half.'”

There are all sorts of messages being promoted at the Super Bowl, but saying that the only way for America to come back is through big government is about as un-American as it gets. Wake up, people! See what is going on around you… even during the Super Bowl.

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