When students on the University of Southern California (USC) campus were asked if the love or hate the United States, many of the answers received from the future leaders of America are being viewed as a cause for concern.

Hate for America appears to be a growing trend for young Americans coming out of a school system dominated by politically correct educators dedicated to indoctrinating youth in ultra-left ideologies.

Breeding contempt for America

When Slightly Offens*ve’s Elijah Schaffer arrived on the campus located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, he was shocked at the virulent responses.

“America is trash, and I look forward to the day it burns down,” one USC student responded to the question posed by TheBlaze’ Schaffer.

Another USC student was not too optimistic about the current state of America.

“It can be great,” replied a student between classes, according to TheBlaze. “Right now, it’s meh.”

Profanity-laden tirades – communicated with incorrect grammar – were also received in response to the love/hate question.

“[Profane term for people] over here is full of [expletive],” an angry student replied.

Schaffer followed up the offensive answer by asking the foul-mouthed student exactly who he was referring to when using the profane term for a group of people.

“Donald Trump and his people,” the left-leaning student answered. “They full of [expletive].”

But when a rare conservative student was tracked down on the Southern California campus, she insisted that “Trump” is what makes America great.

“People get angry when I speak out, but liberal people can speak out, and they’re fine,” the female USC student told Schaffer. “It’s interesting.”

A female student from the opposite side of the political spectrum was posed with the question, “What defines being an American?”

“Not freedom,” the liberal student insisted before defining Americans as rednecks, specifically using the term, “Yee haw.”

She then noted how she looked forward to the day when Republicans are no longer in the picture and give way to  Democrats.

“All those red states, uh, Republican, conservative – we’re trying to outvote them” the Democratic student continued. “But it’s not really happening – until they die off.”

America changing

One conservative blogger who graduated from USC several years ago became exasperated at how unappreciative, disrespectful and liberal young Americans are getting, saying their responses to Schaffer’s questions are nothing less than “concerning.”

“I graduated at the tail end of 2014, and things were getting bad on campus – I have QUITE the personal story,” ChicksOnRight.com’s Hannah Bleau wrote. “I can’t imagine how bad it would be now … I wouldn’t be tolerated for two seconds.”

In response to the USC student calling America trash, the USC grad became irate.

“HOW … DARE YOU?” Bleau demanded. “The only reason you can SAY [things] like that is because you live in the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, YOU SELFISH …”

She was also not thrilled by another student’s “Yee haw” comment.

“You know. ‘Cause we’re all toothless rubes who sit on our porches with rifles in hand when the mailman comes by. Mhm – very articulate,” Bleau sarcastically responded. “What a bunch of ungrateful …”

What’s happening to America?

Other fed-up conservatives were also repulsed by most of the replies given by USC students.

Conservative professional writer, Michael Stanley – who formerly wrote for Young Conservatives, Allen West and other right-leaning entities – lamented over the depraved state of mind in which public education is leaving America’s youth, as evidenced by the responses given to Schaffer.

“The answers he received will leave you terrified for the future of this nation,” Stanley wrote on GreatAmericanPolitics.com. “This is proof positive that kids are being massively influenced by the progressive public school education they receive for the first 12 years of their lives. Once they arrive in colleges like USC, they’ve already been brainwashed.”

After stressing that he does not blame campus politics at American universities for the scathingly liberal views shared by students from coast to coast, he became wary about the future – when these students become tomorrow’s influential political and business leaders.

“If this doesn’t make you weep, your heart might just be three sizes too small,” Stanley lamented. “Not to mention you might not truly understand the gravity of what this means for the future of liberty – not just here in America, but across the world.”

It was then indicated that the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of the government being involved in education – an area of children’s life where parents were put in charge.

“This is yet another reason to oppose federal intervention into the public education system,” Stanley pointed out. “These kids are being taught to hate their country by liberal educators in schools, and the only solution is to remove the Department of Education from the equation and privatizing schools – giving parents more control over the values their children are taught.”

Alternatives to public school were then given to American parents – 90 percent of whom currently send their children to government-run schools.

“Ultimately, it might be time for folks to start considering a mass exodus from the system – putting their kids into private schools or perhaps considering homeschooling,” the conservative writer suggested. “There are plenty of great online programs and curriculum that allows the bulk of teaching to be done in a way that isn’t as burdensome on parents as it was in former years.”

He insisted that parents essentially relinquish their influence over their children’s lives when they send them off to public school –  going on to advise them to harness which way their offspring will go by being a central part of their education process.

“This gives parents 100-percent control over the worldview being taught to their kids and is likely the only way to preserve freedom for future generations,” Stanley concluded.


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