The University of Colorado’s website offers a guide to proper pronoun usage which recommends addressing new acquaintances as transgender or non-gendered unless told otherwise. The guide also suggests that ignoring someone’s preferred pronouns is “an act of oppression” and “violence.”

The student-authored guide states, “It is never safe to assume someone’s gender and living a life where people will naturally assume the correct pronouns for you is a privilege that not everyone experiences.” Instead of recklessly assuming someone’s gender, the guide states, “If you don’t know someone’s pronouns, don’t assume gendered pronouns and use gender-neutral ones, like they or ze . . . Usually it’s safe to use they/them/theirs unless that person tells you otherwise.”

Under a section of the website titled, “What You Need to Know About Pronouns,” the writer instructs students to “Unlearn gendered phrases, such as ‘you guys.'” The university also offers several online workshops designed to help “cis” students become better “allies.” During these 90-minute workshops, students will learn how to address “microaggressions,” about “implicit bias,” “interrupting racism” and “sexism.” The university also notes scholarship opportunities exclusively open to LGBTQ+ applicants.

To further provide support for the LGBTQ+ community, the University of Colorado also offers gender-affirming hormone therapy and as well as voice therapy on campus, and “all-gender” locker rooms on campus, where men and women can share the intimate spaces. The University of Colorado’s Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provides “unlimited surgical benefits,” which include gender-affirming procedures. Additionally, students seeking letters of recommendation for their gender-affirming surgeries need look no further than the university’s medical services providers and psychiatric services providers.

“While a University of Colorado Boulder spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the site ‘was created by students, for students,’ the site gives no indication that students created it. The pronoun guide is under the heading of the university’s ‘Pride Office,’ part of the Division of Student Affairs. The webpage for the guide includes a ‘Meet the Team’ link to bios for Pride Office employees, none of whom are students.”
– Washington Free Beacon

A spokesperson for the university also told the Washington Free Beacon that the school “recognizes that misgendering people, whether intentionally or not, can cause harm and feelings of disrespect and exclusion.”

The Instagram for the “Pride Office” states, “The vision for the Pride Office is to create programming and space where LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty can come together and create a community!” The office appears to also host staff and faculty meetings for LGBTQ+ identifying individuals.

As academia continues to clearly establish itself as a propaganda machine for the progressive left, Turning Point USA gives students the tools to combat woke narratives on their college campuses. Starting or joining an active TPUSA chapter gives students the opportunity to grow their community of conservative friends who are fighting for the future of America, and taking back college campuses from the inside.

For high school students looking for a college that won’t greet them with gender-neutral pronouns, Turning Point USA created the Dean’s List, a comprehensive search engine to help young patriots make an educated choice on where to attend school.

This piece originally appeared on TPUSA.

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