Prior to the election of Donald J Trump in November 2016, Washington, D.C. was a very different place. Trump’s critics claim that he destroyed the stability in D.C. and for a change they are right. But this stability that they refer to was the result of a convenient arrangement between the two parties.

On the one side, there were the Bushes and on the other, there was Clinton or Obama. The public elected Clinton because they were tired of Bush. They elected another Bush because they were tired of Clinton. They elected Obama because they were tired of another Bush. They would have elected a Bush or a Clinton in 2016 but for Trump.

The voters thought they were switching or choosing between Republicans and Democrats.

Both parties often referred to social issues such as abortion, climate change, gun rights, and LGBT+ rights to mobilize their respective bases. Their goal in raising issues such as these was to deceive and polarize voters into thinking that they were different.

Let’s take abortion as an example. Both parties did nothing to change it, the Democrats didn’t pass federal laws to legalize abortion across the country, while the GOP didn’t pass laws to restrict abortion across the nation. The issue purposefully was left unresolved so that each party could dangle it before their base and use it as a scare tactic to get votes.

But policy-wise there wasn’t much change.

They are all for expensive optional foreign wars that enrich their cronies in the military-industrial complex with taxpayers’ money. They do not care about the lives lost in these wars or the loss to the exchequer.

They are all for open borders which allow cheap labor for their cronies, they do not care that citizens either are rendered unemployed or experience depression in wages because of illegal aliens willing to work for low wages without benefits.

They are all for big government because they want to control the lives of citizens. Bush passed the Patriot Act that enabled governments to spy on citizens using 9-11 as a pretext and the Democrats expanded this legacy.

They all despise dissent and have disdain for working-class citizens.

No matter which party won, the policies continued.

They even retained the same personnel. Robert Gates was the US Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush but was retained by Obama.

This charade of conflict over issues concocted by the media enabled them to keep the voters enraged and distracted. People actually believed that the Cheneys couldn’t stand the Obamas and the Bushes despised the Clintons. The act was masterful

This was a very convenient arrangement in D.C. until Donald Trump joined politics and exposed the rot in their system. All through his campaign, Trump questioned the D.C. groupthink.

During his inaugural address in January 2017, President Trump talked about giving power back to the people. He reminded D.C. that it had forgotten its fundamental duty to serve the US Citizens. He spoke about elected leaders’ duty to serve America first.

George W. Bush was in the audience at that time and allegedly remarked, “That was some weird s###”.” This is all you need to know about the system.

The reason Trump enraged members of both parties was that he had exposed the charade and enlightened people.

During Trump’s presidency there was peace around the world and prosperity in the US. But all through his presidency Trump remained the target of various coordinated disinformation campaigns.

The establishment used Covid-19 as a pretext to destroy the Trump economy and alter time honored electoral norms. They forced Trump out in 2020 and even attempted to silence him with the coordinated social media ban.

Today the US is struggling while the world beyond the US is unstable due to conflicts. But the powers-that-be aren’t concerned.

This is exactly what they want because it gives them ample opportunity for personal enrichment and power grab.

Now for the media before Trump and Tucker.

The corporate media’s function was to conduct PR campaigns for their respective parties and continue the deception.

Fox News claimed the be “fair and balanced” and stood for the issues that conservatives cared for. The rest of the media was liberal and did PR work for the Democrats.

Both wings of the media attacked each other in public and were the cause of the polarization over cultural issues. The media was an essential component in this charade that created the illusion of a difference between parties.

Tucker Carlson was drastically different. Like President Trump, he often asked inconvenient questions, such as why the US is spending billions of dollars in a foreign war when the nation is suffering on myriad fronts.

Tucker excoriated Lindsey Graham as much as he chastised Chuck Schumer for their unconditional support for a war that could lead to global destruction. Tucker even had the likes of Glenn Greenwald, who by no means is a conservative, but who asked all the right questions about the deep state and their quest for power by exploiting emergency situations.

Tucker challenged the D.C. propaganda such as the narrative of the ‘deadly insurrection’ on January 6th. He even did a couple of shows that debunked the many lies for which he incurred the wrath of both parties.

Tucker’s most recent public statement was at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniverary gala last weekend ( YouTube screengrab)

In an age where media members choose their side and support their side irrespective of the issues, Tucker was truly an independent thinker.

Perhaps Bill Maher is the only other individual in the mainstream who is like that. We know that D.C. despises independent thinkers, hence it wasn’t a matter of if but when Tucker would be forced out.

If Tucker returns and continues to challenge the establishment, he will be a target. The purpose of this targeting is not only to silence criticism but also send warnings to other aspiring challengers to the system.

Their end goal is to outlaw political opposition and restore ‘normalcy’ like before, where power passed from a Bush to Clinton and back to another Bush.

It would be poetic justice if Trump is re-elected in 2024 and Tucker manages to build his own media empire where the D.C. groupthink is challenged.

It will not be easy. D.C. has accumulated power after decades of shady tactics. They will not surrender or give up their power without fighting very low and dirty.

But with popular support, maybe both gentlemen achieve the seemingly impossible.

Optimism has no peril.

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