The swamp is bottomless. Truly undrainable.

Unlike blood-sucking vampires that can be tamed with garlic necklaces, holy water and a stake driven through the heart, this THING cannot be stopped.

The Leviathan has become a glioblastomic tumor with roots so deep beneath the Potomac that they can never be wrenched out. Its gnarly fingers of government intrusion slither into every thin cranny of American life. (Unless, of course, you are an illegal alien living in the United States illegally, in which case you may carry on unmolested by the Federal Swamp Leviathan. It may be an evil tyrant, but it is a highly woke evil tyrant.)

You could give 500 Donald Trumps 10,000 years to shock and insult and hack away at the beast, and surely it would never die.

President Trump is merely a glorious pause in the galloping growth of the beast as it awaits the next polite gardener sent over from the Democratic or Republican Party headquarters.

Now comes The Washington Compost newspaper, reporting that President Trump is the subject of a formal “whistleblower” complaint inside American intelligence services. Apparently, after the president made some kind of “promise” to a foreign leader, “an official in the U.S. intelligence community” filed a complaint with the inspector general because the “promise” was so “troubling.”

OK, so first, we are assuming that the story is not entirely made up out of thin air. I know, that is a big leap given industry standards today.

But this is too egregious to ignore, even if it is fake news.

The president of the United States holds a phone conversation with a foreign leader, which is about as highly classified as you can get. Some squiggling swamp toad in U.S. intelligence circles is either privy to the call or manages to somehow collect information about the call.

This person has a meltdown and runs off to report the president and his “troubling” conversation to the inspector general.

There is a lot we don’t know here. We don’t know what President Trump said or to whom he said it. Nor do we know who the swamp rat tattletale is. But we do know who he is not. He is not the president of the United States and probably has never been elected to anything in his life.

But the “intelligence official” is a bureaucrat in good standing in the Federal Leviathan. Therefore, he has as much authority as any elected representative of the people and certainly has more authority in this town than this particular president.

As for what President Trump supposedly said, it is kind of hard to believe anything these people tell us anymore.

See, this is what happens when you spend three years and every last shred of your credibility making up and spreading thoroughly fantastical stories about a guy who got elected by the people but is viewed as an existential threat to the swamp.

President Trump should fire the whole lot of them. Or, maybe wait until after he is reelected in 2020 and fire them all. You know, because he will have “more flexibility after the election.”

GOPUSA Editor’s Note: Remember this promise made to a foreign leader? What was done about it?

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