Tread carefully around liberals at this year’s non-denominational holiday office party, the polls just added insult to injury.

Donald Trump is getting more popular.

A new Bloomberg poll has his favorability at 50 percent, up a dramatic 17 points since August — and the poll finds 73 percent of Americans don’t mind him switching up his actual policy from his campaign statements. Gallup has him at 42 percent, over last month’s 34 percent. Public Policy Polling gives his favorability at 43 percent, up from 39 percent in September. The polls note he’s still way below many past incoming presidents. But the fact is more Americans like what they see in President-elect Trump.

And why is that?

First off, contrary to the sly insinuations and shrill denunciations of the past year, Trump is not Adolf Hitler. We were repeatedly warned of an impending nationalist disaster that would affect men, women, children and machines in every corner of the world — it was going to be a Y2K of racism, Y2KKK if you will, under greedy, racist, sexist Trump.

But more Americans than ever simply don’t believe the media, and why should they? We’ve been force-fed fake news for years and told to consume it as legitimate. They wanted us to believe the 2012 Benghazi attack was a protest over a YouTube video, not terrorism. They wanted us to think the “Beer Summit” was a brilliant stroke of race-healing, rather than CYA for President Obama. They wanted us to think flying James Taylor to France after a terrorist attack was brilliant foreign policy. They wanted us to think under Obamacare, you could keep your doctor …

What is real news is that Trump saved jobs in a Carrier factory in Indiana, and he isn’t even president yet. The reaction on networks like CNN was to amass panel after panel of analysts to tell us how bad a deal it was.

But Americans have learned to see through it all and they like keeping jobs in the country. In fact, the more the media beats Trump up, the more Americans seem to like him.

When news broke that Trump had called the president of Taiwan, up popped the panels again, using words like “dangerous,” “unprecedented” and “risky.”

The truth is that Americans don’t feel that we need permission from the People’s Republic of China to do a damned thing. The days of apologizing are over.

At Saturday’s Army-Navy game, no one took a knee during the national anthem. And both teams cheered the president-elect.

Factory jobs, defiant phone calls with allies and celebrating our military. These are hopeful glimpses of what “Make America Great Again” means. America loves a winner, and it’s showing in the polls.


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