Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that 93 percent of the stories about him covered in the media are negative, saying that both its stories and polls are always manipulated to end up with a heavy bias against him.

“I think 93 percent of the stories [the media] writes are negative,” Trump expressed to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor when discussing his press coverage. “Even if it’s a positive story, they’ll always find a way to make it negative.”

Apparently citing the Media Research Center’s recent pre-election study that divulged 91 percent of network news stories covering his White House run had a negative spin, Trump blasted the media for clearly and unprofessionally favoring his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

“You know I’m not quite used to it, because I used to get great publicity,” Trump conceded to the conservative host before insisting that mainstream media placed him in a lose-lose situation. “Now, no matter what you do, it doesn’t make any difference.”

Breaking the law to break his reputation

Trump went on to accuse NBC of resorting to an “illegal act” in its recent alleged smear campaign of publicizing an audiotape of him. It was recorded by a hot mic used by the network’s former Access Hollywood Host Billy Bush, who allegedly egged on his lewd comments about women.

Coming shortly after the businessman’s first debate earlier this month with Clinton, the tape went viral when The Washington Post released the controversial recording, which unleashed a litany of attacks on him by the media, feminists and evangelicals, alike. Trump focused on the unlawful nature of the act.

“The microphone was not supposed to be on – not that I make that as an excuse for myself,” Trump informed O’Reilly. “[But] that was a private dressing room – yeah that was certainly illegal … no question about it.”

Trump’s point was grounded in California law, which states that it is a crime to record private conversations without the express consent of all parties involved, according to Fox News. This legal code stands whenever those engaging in the recorded conversation have a reasonable expectation that no other person is listening.

When asked whether or not he would take legal action against NBC, the real estate mogul would only string his host on to stay tuned.

“You’ll see,” Trump promised O’Reilly before repeating himself. “You’ll see.”

On to Hillary …

Turning the topic onto Clinton, Trump said that she and her campaign was “low-energy” and lacked the enthusiasm to run for the presidency, insinuating that her current physical condition precluded her from running for the White House.

“I saw her after the second debate, and she could barely make it to the car,” Trump recounted. “This is not what we want. This is not what we want to negotiate with China … to beat ISIS … to work against Putin.”

Trump then alluded to the idea that Clinton requires long stretches of rest in order to restore her health before returning to the campaign trail.

“Look, there’s something going on, and I don’t know what’s happening,” the conservative White House hopeful shared. “She goes away for three, four, five days, and she doesn’t leave the house … and then she comes back.”

Trump maintained that taking in all the warning signs – and dishonesty/lack of transparency from the Hillary camp about the former first lady’s health – she should not be allowed to run for president of the United States.


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