Watching the political Establishment freak out over twenty Republican members of Congress voting their own consciences in the election for House speaker has been hilarious. Karl Rove, Dan Crenshaw, Sean Hannity, and just about anyone else whose sinecure and preeminence depend upon religious devotion to Washington’s status quo sounded like little Greta Thunberg whining, “How dare they!” Oh, my goodness, some congressional representatives took it upon themselves to vote as they believe their district constituents would desire and not as the Uniparty nobles who insist on ruling the nation from their petty thrones demand. Whatever shall we do if this lowly democratic spirit sweeps the land?

This is what’s wrong with the People’s House, where it is still occasionally possible to elect an iconoclast unbeholden to the Leviathan’s palace guard despite mail-in ballot fraud and outside money operations distorting local races: sometimes a freethinking heretic shows up in the nation’s capital with the beastly notion that a vote is more than ornamental pageantry garnishing a foregone conclusion. Weren’t these Republican holdouts properly instructed that Kevin McCarthy is the Uniparty’s man? An empty vessel of mediocre intellect and flaccid beliefs, Kevin is surely the only Republican who can lead the House! We must bring McCarthyism back to Washington, or D.C. will become home to the right-wing nuts!

What a spectacle this whole affair has been. Pretend President Biden and Senate Republicans agree: forcing the world to watch American legislators partake in repeated democratic votes without devolving into bloodshed (despite the anger management issues of Mike Rogers) is so embarrassing. It is much more elegant when ballots can be printed, signatures forged, and elections certified according to the wishes of the ruling elites. The appearance of democracy in the absence of it is ideal. The practice of actual democracy would bring the whole government’s house of cards crashing down!

Huge majorities of Americans, after all, have for decades despised illegal immigration, wasteful government spending, central bank money printing, endless foreign wars, the purposeful offshoring of America’s manufacturing and industrial self-sufficiency, the forced replacement of cheap hydrocarbon energies with windmills and “green” dreams, and multinational corporate lobbying interests superseding Americans’ wishes. If democratic majorities of Americans were actually allowed to get their way, the small faction of Uniparty elites running the country into the ground would have no means to money-launder their poor decisions into personal financial gain!

Chalk this up as yet another gloriously enlightening example of piercing through the Uniparty’s lies and illusions. Of course ruling elites despise lawmakers voting their consciences; if morality and civic duty were allowed to infiltrate the legislative process, then down go the cancerous influence of the big-monied powerbrokers and the quid-pro-quo corruption they bring. Egads! To replace the bidding of the “manipulative minority” with the will of the “silent majority” would be to hand back the governance of America to the people who actually call themselves “Americans”! Can’t have that!

All the put-putting and huff-huffing coming from those who buy and sell votes for a living have given the public the correct impression that the self-anointed “saviors of democracy” doth protest too much. However, the fact that those most likely to proclaim their love for democracy are the same ones who most abhor it in practice should be no surprise. Everything the Uniparty pretends to believe is an illusion. Our D.C. despots absolutely adore free speech — so long as that speech reflects the thoughts and opinions of the ruling class. Everything else is strictly disinformation! Our noble gentry couldn’t be happier to sponsor public protests against government overreach — so long as those protests are about racism, abortion, “transgenderism,” or “climate change” and have nothing to do with resistance to government “vaccine” mandates, mail-in-ballot-tainted elections, religious freedom, or gun rights. Aiding and abetting Black Lives Matter and Antifa property destruction and murder across the country are the height of civic virtue, but assembling to petition the U.S. government for redress of 2020 election grievances deserves political persecution, nationwide manhunts, the designation of patriotic grandmas as “domestic terrorists,” State-sanctioned beatings, and one-way tickets for “thought criminals” straight to D.C.’s gulag hell!

Our Uniparty tyrants love to squawk about American rights and liberties but then demand the authoritarian power to define those rights however they see fit and whittle down what liberties remain to a bare nub. They preach about American civic virtues the way charlatans tout their expertise — selling sanctimonious snake oil that instead poisons Americans’ hard-fought freedoms with deceptive ease. They clothe themselves in the trappings of “democracy,” but they are totalitarianism’s praetorian foot soldiers.

Republican voters have repeatedly made clear that they do not trust Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, or Ronna Romney McDaniel to lead the party. And the Uniparty’s Republican royals have listened attentively to those concerns and respected their voters’ wishes — not! They’ve done exactly what they and their corporate donors desire with no consideration at all for the opinions of rank-and-file Republicans. Actually, to the extent that they pause to think about ordinary Republicans at all, it is primarily in the vein of how to censor, intimidate, and punish them for their “Make America Great Again” proclivities.

There may be three to five Republican Senators in office who don’t totally despise their voting base. Maybe a third of House Republicans “get” their constituents, even if they don’t leap at the opportunity to defend them from persecution or torment. But they have much more in common with the Marxist interests controlling the Democrat Party and the shadowy Deep State than they do with their own voters. If they ever truly cared about individual rights and freedoms, they’ve long since forgotten why. They wouldn’t dare stick their necks out to save the thousands of Trump-voters who have been politically harassed, selectively prosecuted, or unjustly imprisoned. They parrot the State-run media’s egregious, propaganda-filled lies that J6 protesters were “insurrectionists” attempting to “overthrow” the U.S. government. Like their comrades across the aisle, they believe America belongs to the American government, that the American government belongs to a small cabal of insular elites, and that ordinary Americans should thank the ruling class for allowing them to survive. For these reasons and many more, the majority of Republican voters hate their party only slightly less than they hate the openly communist coalition of Democrats.

If “democracy” can be said to embody the will of the people, then there is nothing the Uniparty more vigorously detests. And when you think about it, it is clear that the ruling class has encircled itself with innumerable moats, drawbridges, and walls just to keep ordinary people from ever having their say. Our ignoble nobles created political parties in order to vet and preselect candidates that they prefer. Instead of leaving constitutionally delegated powers in the hands of elected representatives where they belong, the political class transferred tremendous authority to an unaccountable bureaucratic army that does D.C.’s merciless bidding. Where Congress or presidents fear making decisions that would anger the people, they simply lean on the courts to enact and enforce laws beyond their purview. Instead of taxing the public directly for the costs of bloated budgets, the federal Leviathan’s corrupt alliance with a money-printing central bank allows it to surreptitiously tax Americans through inflation and other sleight-of-hand economic cons. Instead of representing the interests and protecting the inalienable rights of the American people, the denizens occupying D.C. prefer handing sovereign powers to the UN, WHO, and other international bodies beyond lowly Americans’ reach.

For the Uniparty Machine, power is best when it is kept far away from the American people. No wonder that machine discombobulates when a handful of lawmakers jam up Kevin McCarthy’s “sure thing.”

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