Now that we have welcomed in a new year, it’s time to look back on what made 2015 so memorable… or, in this case… forgettable. The GOP had plenty of opportunities to show why the American people trusted them to take over Congress, but they failed to deliver. Here are some of the most disappointing moments of 2015.

The folks at Conservative Review have put together a list of the Top 10 GOP Betrayals in 2015. As you might imagine, no list is complete without John Boehner being on it:

1. Reelecting John Boehner

This year started with a Speaker’s fight after the American people rose up spontaneously and flooded the capitol with tens of thousands of calls demanding the resignation of John Boehner. Following Obama’s executive amnesty, it was revealed that Boehner told Obama “do what you gotta do,” which was emblematic of his broader modus operandi of giving Obama everything he wanted. The voters were onto his betrayal, yet despite the spontaneous groundswell from their constituents, all but 25 members voted to reelect Boehner as Speaker. Their reason? An instinct for self-preservation and fear of intimidation by insiders outweighed the unanimous voice of their constituents. The year ended with the people rising up once again to force Boehner out of the Speaker’s chair, but despite the warnings of the GOP base, they replaced him with Paul Ryan, a craftier salesman for the capitulation agenda.

Boehner is not enough? How about widespread support for amnesty?

2. Funding the Entire Amnesty Program

In the greatest executive power grab of the modern era, Obama suspended immigration law in an act that even King George lacked the authority to do. Yet, Congress fully funded Obama’s amnesty both in last December’s budget bill, then in March, and every budget bill thereafter, despite promises to defund it. Even though the courts halted part of the program, the DACA amnesty and the complete suspension of Secure Communities and deportations have gone into effect. We are paying for it to this day, and as a result, the border surge is continuing.

Read the full story at Conservative Review.


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