Conservatives are spending endless hours battling the culture war, but they’re missing the most significant issue facing the US, Biden’s disastrous open border policies that will lead directly to America’s decline. The massive influx of illegal immigrants at the border, now spurred on by Biden’s plans to give literally everyone and their cousin asylum (leading to amnesty), will result in a Democrat majority. While migrants have traditionally gravitated toward the nation’s population centers, now the administration is bussing them to every little corner of the domestic United States, upending towns in the Midwest, the South, the Rockies, and the deep blue coasts.

Safeguarding children and our institutions from woke ideology is key, but not at the expense of losing the nation. Our unwillingness to take a stand and protect our border, our land, and our citizens creates devastating national security issues. The last Republican president to win the rust belt knew this, and he used it to secure a win in the White House.

Democrat oligarchs look at the migrant crisis and think they’ll never lose an election again. Republican oligarchs look at the migrant crisis and think they’ll never have to hire an American again.

Conservatives are using their efforts to complain about beer commercials and rainbow onesies at Target, but the infiltration of woke ideology is nothing compared to the infiltration of illegal immigrants into the United States.

The United States must secure her borders against invading throngs of people. We are told repeatedly that letting them all in is the compassionate thing to do, but it shows complete and total disregard for Americans and their families. By the time the hordes have completed their migration into the US, the US will be nothing but a shell of itself. Laws that were meant to protect Americans will be decimated, our rights will be hollowed out, and Democrats will have such a thorough majority that it will be generations before conservatives and traditionalists could even dream of a red wave, never mind enact one.

A nation’s ability to protect and secure her borders is essential to keeping safe her citizens, her values, her land, and the rights of her population. Terrorists are among those crossing illegally, and they, along with hundreds of thousands of migrants, are facilitated by growing and powerful criminal cartels that operate with impunity on both sides of the border.

The woke agenda is merely a distraction of a powerful Democrat left that taunts us with men in dresses, drag shows for kids, and gender swaps while actually changing out the population of Americans, black and white, with people from the global south who do not share the values we have engendered and cultivated over generations. Democrats have even shifted their talking points about illegal migrants from the days of Cesar Chavez, who fought for the labor rights of American citizens, to leftist congressmen claiming that illegal immigrants are necessary to do the low-paid, backbreaking work of food production.

The migrant influx is a threat to American workers, who are already struggling under the increased cost of food, housing, fuel, and other basic commodities. Too many low-skilled workers flooding the marketplace will degrade existing wages. When Americans can’t pay their bills and can’t get jobs they don’t get married or start families, leading to a further decline of American values. Fatherless homes will multiply as families destabilize and children are left to fend for themselves without a proper upbringing, which creates social degradation. Family values cannot be prioritized while borders are wide open.

These are values that are essential to our national identity, and are not based in any race or proprietary culture other than that which unites all Americans, a desire and right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have spent decades watching our culture fracture under the grievance and oppression rampant in identity politics, and it has undermined our ability to recognize what is real and true about ourselves and our shared culture, but it must now be protected or it will be lost. Without a strong national identity and shared values, we will lose the cohesive society that makes our nation thrive.

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with addressing the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, yet people from those nations, as well as from Haiti, Venezuela, China, the Middle East, and African nations continue to pour in across the US-Mexico border. Harris has done nothing to keep people home or to fortify those nations against population loss. People keep coming, buoyed on by Biden’s massive outlay of cash just waiting for them in services, yet the administration could have used those funds to help build the economies of those nations in our backyard.

Electoral patterns will shift under this onslaught, not only as these migrants are given amnesty over time, but as municipalities actually legalize voting by non-citizens. Voting blocks that lean liberal will then continue to dominate as conservative values are diluted. Social programs like welfare, food stamps, WIC, and hospitals will collapse under the strain as citizens have to compete with migrants for safety net assistance. That’s already happening in places like New York and LA, and it’s coming soon to a city near you.

We have seen what’s happened in Europe as they failed to maintain national borders. Mass migration has destabilized cultures across Europe, from France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and other nations. It shows clearly that the US, led by conservatives, must take a real and decisive stand on this issue. Permanent blue majorities can pass constitutional amendments that obliterate free speech, free press, free religion, right to bear arms, due process, rights against unlawful search and seizure, and it is not only Americans that will suffer, but the world.

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