The media are returning to their protective mode regarding Hillary Clinton, after pretending to raise questions about her health. But very few questions have been answered. Here are some that still linger:

  1. Clinton and her media entourage have claimed in the past that her coughing fits were caused by allergies. So what really caused her to leave the 9/11 memorial and nearly collapse?
  2. The video of her wobbling and almost falling down led to the claim that Mrs. Clinton was just overheated. However, the temperature was around 80 degrees with low humidity. Later, it was alleged that she had pneumonia. What is the truth?
  3. If she really had pneumonia, why not disclose that information on Friday, when she was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia? The claim that she had pneumonia caused by a tough campaign schedule might have engendered sympathy for the Democratic candidate and would not have aroused as much controversy as her collapse after she left the 9/11 memorial.
  4. Why should the public believe that the explanation for her collapse was pneumonia when the campaign had previously blamed allergies for her health problems?
  5. Clinton at first appeared to be fine at the 9/11 memorial service as she talked to various people. Why did her health take such a dramatic turn for the worse?
  6. If she has pneumonia, why did she come out of Chelsea’s apartment looking so chipper? What happened to her in the apartment?
  7. If pneumonia is supposedly the cause of the recent coughing fit, what caused the previous coughing fits?
  8. Who was the mysterious woman shown with Hillary as she left the 9/11 memorial? This is the woman who appears to be taking Hillary’s pulse and asking her to squeeze her fingers, which appears to be a neurological test.
  9. Clinton had a concussion and blood clots in the past, including one in her brain. Where is the proof that she didn’t have a stroke on 9/11?
  10. Why didn’t she go to the hospital, where she could have been evaluated by objective doctors and nurses?
  11. If she does have pneumonia, which can be contagious, why was she exposing herself to Chelsea’s children and the public?
  12. Why was an email sent to Mrs. Clinton from a top aide about a drug used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?
  13. Why was this email disclosed by WikiLeaks rather than Clinton?
  14. Why did Hillary seem to be the only person at the event wearing sunglasses with blue lenses? The report, “Parkinson’s Disease: Effects of Colored Glasses on Movement Times,” cites anecdotal evidence that wearing blue tinted glasses helps relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

One day before her collapse, The Washington Post had accused Donald J. Trump of being a sexist for questioning her health. After the health debacle, the Post tried to give the impression that it was finally investigating with a story headlined, “Hillary Clinton has not been quick to share health information.” The story failed to note that one of the biggest concerns involves the fact that the FBI documents released in her email investigation said she couldn’t remember receiving a briefing on handling classified information. The story also didn’t mention the email she received about Provigil, a drug to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s.

This is not the first time that the media have covered up for a Democratic presidential nominee. The press helped John F. Kennedy and his physician cover up the fact that he was dependent on cortisone for Addison’s disease, a very serious disorder, and may have been using amphetamines.

Before he ran for president on the Democratic ticket in 1988, Michael Dukakis was a candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 1982. His campaign had concocted a false cover story about his wife’s drug problem. The press was told that Kitty Dukakis was recovering from hepatitis at a friend’s home in Minnesota when she was actually a patient at a drug-treatment clinic.

Despite the ongoing cover-up of Mrs. Clinton’s medical and health problems, some Democratic Party leaders must suspect or know she has a serious disorder and may not be able to fulfill her duties as President.

Yet the media are either trying to move on, or change the subject to Trump’s tax returns.

In order to try to make us forget what the world saw in that terrifying video of her near-collapse, the giant corporate search engines like Google are stacking the deck against results that can push the public and the media to seek more definitive answers.

As Seton Motley noted, Google searches for “Hillary Clinton’s he-” did not produce results about her health problems but rather about “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton’s health plan” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.”

In addition to playing down the nature of Hillary’s health problems, ignoring the follow-up questions or changing the subject, this is how Mrs. Clinton’s supporters in the media and elsewhere hope to sabotage the public’s right to know how sick she really is.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected].

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