Do not be fooled by the tenor of panic and fear being stoked 24/7 by the leftist Democrats. The masks are not about keeping anyone safe from a supposed Twenty-First Century “Black Plague.” Their only purpose is to create the “visual” in the minds of Americans, every time they leave their homes, that we are all at continual risk of infection, suffering, and death if we come into any contact with the Wuhan virus.

In the same sense, the ongoing “riots” and other raging lawlessness have nothing to do with the fate of George Floyd, or any other individual ostensibly singled out for destruction by the “systemically racist” police. Given the massive scale on which the riots occurred, just as the initial “pandemic” fears were abating, it is obvious that the entire agenda of looting, arson, and assaults on businesses and innocent citizens was pre-planned across the nation, just awaiting some excuse to set it off.

The left has never represented anything close to a majority of the American people. And it never will. This has been the case throughout history, wherever hard-left Marxist elements have sought to overtake a nation. So they must magnify the perception of their numbers, in order to cow the bulk of the population into retreat, and eventual submission. That is precisely the course the leftists are taking in America. But their evil plan became truly dangerous, the moment it was embraced by the Democrat Party.

America faces a perilous crossroads as a consequence of all of this. Too many people who are appalled at the chaos they see unfolding across our land nonetheless seek to remain passive, in vain hopes that it will all somehow “blow over” and gradually return to normal on its own. That is not the plan, if leftists have their way. And even if the circumstances appear in some sense to be settling down, the intent is for things to operate under a “new order” in which government has vastly greater unconstitutional power to dictate every detail of peoples’ personal lives. The mask and “social distancing” edicts are but an ugly foreshadowing of such.

In a direct affront to the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution, twenty-six states have declared fiscal war on Texas, under the fraudulent claim that the Lone Star State isn’t abiding by leftist Democrat Covid lockdown edicts, and thus is supposedly suffering an unacceptable spike in new cases of the disease. In order to “freeze and isolate” Texas in an Alinsky assault on a massive scale, these states are demanding that anyone who travels into Texas be “quarantined” (read: put on house arrest) for two weeks prior to reentering those states. The effort is to “excommunicate” Texas from the rest of the country, until conservative Republican Governor Greg Abbott surrenders to the Covid Conspiracy.

Given the rampant fraud in virus testing, the total lack of any real spike in deaths (unless one presumes all other causes of death in America have taken a drastic downturn during this same period), and the selective demands for “quarantines,” based not on real cases, but on political affiliation, it is clear that this is just another leftist onslaught against Real America. Leftists will seize power under any premise. You can rest assured that, if successful, they have no intention of ever relinquishing it back into the hands of the lowly peasantry (The rest of us).

The real danger of the current situation is that those on the right once again underestimate it, making them vulnerable to be blindsided by the next leftist attack. Leftists have had far too many sucker-punching victories on this basis. The upcoming election could be the next such event, and a potentially fatal one for America. With common citizens across the nation reeling in anger and disgust over the flagrant sedition, lies and criminality of leftists, reaching all the way from Democrat run cities to the highest halls of the U.S. Capitol, it seems obvious that a “Red Wave” is in order come November. But perhaps it is too obvious!

The leftist Alinsky Strategy has always been based on cheating at critical junctures, leaving honorable citizens shocked and dumbfounded as they attempt to play fairly. It is beyond naive to assume that the upcoming elections will be any different. Leftist Democrats can only be counted upon to go to the polls and vote if they are convinced beyond any doubt that they have an insurmountable majority. Clearly, this is not the case in 2020. So it is imperative that their alternative strategies be recognized and forcefully dealt with.

Of course the biggest looming leftist Democrat effort to steal the election is their obsession to establish “mail in voting.” With their widespread eradication of proper voter ID, and other criminal perversions of the process, such as “vote harvesting” still insufficient to tip all the scales in their favor, they see “mail in voting” as their ultimate game to conduct fully fraudulent “elections,” in order to seize power. In the wake of such an overthrow of our system of government, they would immediately declare the results to be unassailably valid, and issue edicts decreeing any questioning of them to be “un-American” and even criminal attacks on our shining “Democratic process.”

Throughout the past several months, the lawlessness and mayhem on the streets has only been eclipsed by the lawlessness among Democrat Party office holders, from mayors to governors to Capitol Hill. While President Trump has stood firmly and courageously against it, he cannot stand alone forever. This is not the time for the American people to stand passively, or accept the “status quo” as dictated to them. The fate of the nation rests in their collective resolve to keep the Country with which they have been blessed.


Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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