It has happened before. In other words, the current president will blame his predecessor for this or that. However, I don’t remember someone doing it in his third year or to this degree.

The Biden administration has a “Trump” for everything. Let’s look at five of their excuses in this article from Ben Whedon:

President Joe Biden, however, has time and again sought to sidestep the weighty burden of history through the simple expedient of passing the buck for presidential choices gone awry to his predecessor.

With Biden’s job approval rating remaining well underwater, his administration is redoubling efforts to blame its perceived failures on former President Trump — a practice dating back to its botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 and stretching right up to the present, with its much-panned responses to the Chinese spy balloon and the Ohio toxic train derailment.

Let’s look deeper:

1) Blame the Ohio derailment on Trump executive orders. Not true — but they had two years to reverse them if the rules were so dangerous to rail safety.

2) Balloons flew over us when Trump was president. No one in the Trump administration remembers, and I guarantee you that some bureaucrat would have leaked it to his favorite newsman if so. They leaked everything else.

3) Inflation was here when I got here. Well, inflation was here at 1.4%, and it’s a lot higher now.

4) Trump left us a chaotic border. This is so absurd that it makes you wonder how they can say it with a straight face.

5) Trump made me get out of Afghanistan the way we did. Why didn’t Trump do it when he was president? He wanted to get out but understood that it was important to leave correctly.

Why do the Biden administration’s people engage in these lies?

First, they know that the media won’t challenge them. The journalists have been on a long “siesta” since Biden took over.

Second, and more seriously, the “Biden-istas” don’t know what they are doing.

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