Anyone watching the Presidential vote tallies on November 4, 2020, knew there was election fraud in plain sight. All of sudden, just when the votes were accelerating for President Trump, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and a couple of other states all stopped tallying the votes at virtually the exact same time.

One could accept that maybe, one state goes down, two states, even three – but all the swing states where the Democrats controlled the Governor, Secretary of State, and voting supervisors (except for Georgia)? Nobody has explained why the mass vote-count-seizure happened.

Imagine if the “shoe was on the other foot.” Imagine if instead of Democrat-controlled swing states, the same election-shenanigans happened in Republican-controlled swing states where all of a sudden, the vote counting stopped simultaneously and, shazam, there appeared hundreds of thousands of Trump votes during the time Democrat ballot counting watchers were completely banned!!

Instead of the lame-stream media coronating Second Term President-Elect Trump, they would be screaming that Trump had just committed the election-crime of the century, and all the Governors, Secretaries of State, and the voting supervisors who had barred the Democrat ballot watchers should all be, en masse, arrested.

The FBI would be raiding Trump campaign offices in full tactical gear armed with MP5/10 submachine guns and Remington 870 12-gauge shotguns.

Despite the mainstream media gaslighting project, in light of the patent “in plain sight” fraud of the simultaneous vote-counting seizures and the recorded on video blatant unconstitutional denial of Republican ballot watchers, 67% of Americans believe it is fair for President Trump to demand recounts in the contested states. That is a damning result for Democrats.

On the other hand, assuming the country is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, that also means that about 2/3 of Democrats believe that “I hate President Trump so much, that it’s totally ok if the Democrats committed all the election fraud crimes they needed in order to evict Trump from the White House.”

If this election fraud stands, America is dead on arrival. President Trump’s fight to expose and nullify Democrat election fraud isn’t for Trump or Trump’s 72 million voters, it’s a fight for America itself.

For one very simple example of President Trump’s campaign claim of election fraud, Rudy Giuliani recently pointed out two huge gaps with Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots only: “You have two major gaps — you have the 672,770 votes that were not inspected by anyone secretly put into the ballot box and then you have this gap that I don’t understand between the mail-in ballots. You’ve sent out: 1.8 million and the number you counted: 2.5 million!”

And, the above is the Pennsylvania Presidential race alone. The same type of craziness went on in pretty much all of the contested states. No less a real Republican as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich just tweeted, “The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in 1824.”

But now, we have to drill a little deeper. There are also the Trump-hating Republicans, the mass-media, and big-tech that are claiming that there is no “proof of widespread election fraud.” So, the proven-in-plain-sight election fraud of barring Republican ballot watchers in just the swing states that everyone saw on TV in real-time, that’s OKAY? No one would even think of committing widespread election fraud when all you need to do is commit focused non-widespread voter fraud in carefully selected states and counties that would turn the election to Biden.

Their protestations of “unproven widespread voter fraud” reminds me of the similar idiocy of “peaceful” violent protests. All you need is 10 violent people out 100 people to create a “violent” protest where bricks, and frozen glass water bottles are thrown at police officers heads. But, since the protest was only “violent” for part of the protestors, somehow the violent part doesn’t matter even if a brick caved a police officer’s skull in, or set the entire town of Kenosha on fire. The same morons who are claiming “no proof of widespread fraud voter” are generally the same morons claiming violent demonstrations are “mostly peaceful.”

The same people who for four years hoaxed the entire country with the “Trump is Putin’s poodle” insanity, are now the very same people screaming “President-Elect Biden,” the “Election is over,” and, of course, “No proof of widespread fraud.” So, four years of spying and crazy investigations proved there never was a shred of evidence that Trump was beholden to Russia, and that there is, in fact, tons of conclusive evidence that Hilary Clinton and the Deep State concocted the entire Big Lie. But, now with in-plain-sight election fraud, these same Trump-hating, America-hating lying goons (including many Republicans) want us to believe them. They didn’t fool us over the Russia hoax, they only proved themselves to be the real,treasonous enemies of America.

Additionally, the startling fact is that with 72 million people legally voting for President Trump there was not one Democrat claim that in any of the Republican controlled states with Republican governors and Republican Secretaries of State of a single instance of any voting irregularity, or a barring of a single Democrat ballot watcher from fully and closely inspecting all the ballots that were counted. So, zero Democrat claims of the smallest Republican vote counting irregularity, but thousands of Republican claims with hundreds of “under-penalty-of-perjury” affidavits of dramatic Democrat voting irregularities and voter fraud.

Is this okay for America? The people claiming “Trump is undermining Democracy” are ludicrously victim-shaming. It’s as if the lame-stream media is blaming the rape victim instead of the rapist. Trump didn’t ask the Democrats to all stop counting votes at the same time, or to unconstitutionally bar Republican ballot watchers from all the key counties, the Democrat fraudsters who raped our democracy did.

Now, let’s focus on the 1/3 of honest Democrats who believe it’s fair for President Trump to have recounts and examinations of the votes in the disputed states and who are most likely “centrist Democrats.” Would these Democrats approve of a Biden victory if it was really gotten by Democrat voter fraud in the dozen or so counties where Biden ran up huge fraudulent vote tallies? I don’t think so. In fact, it is these centrist Democrats who will be the next victims of the Democrat-extremist voter fraud hit list next time around, when they will be primaried out of existence.

And how about the actual criminal perpetrators of the Democrat voter fraud that swung the election to Biden? These criminals are now the real power behind Biden, and hence now close to full control the United States of America. Is a “President Biden” going to root out the very election criminals who installed him in the first place? Could a “President Biden” withstand the soon-to-follow blackmail demands of the criminal cabal that engineered the greatest crime in the history of the United States, if not the world? Of course not. The very same criminals who engineered the Election fraud of 2020, will control the office of the President of the United States. Their first objective will be to ensure that next election their election fraud will be a lot harder to see or discover.

One only has to look at one of the 2020 election criminal fraudsters: Big Tech, and ask “Is a President Biden going to rein in the unconstitutional Section 230 censorship by Big Tech and hurt their market cap”? That wouldn’t do now, would it…

President Trump is fighting the greatest and most dangerous criminal evil the United States has ever faced. It is a domestic, deep-state, treasonous cabal that has embedded itself into the very heart of power in this country.

President Trump is not fighting for himself, or for his voters. President Trump is fighting for the freedom and democracy for every American, and hence for the world. Unless this “Democrat” election fraud is overturned, we will not live under the “rule of law,” but die under a rule of criminals. And in closing, just remember this [paraphrased] warning by Martin Niemöller (1892–1984): First they came for President Donald Trump, and I wasn’t President Donald Trump, so, . .


Mark Langfan is Chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at


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