Right now we’re getting a feeling that echoes the feeling from last fall, a sense that every new piece of investigative journalism on Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop will be ignored by the “mainstream media.” To be fair, when they didn’t ignore the story back then, they constantly implied it was a Russian disinformation plot.

On May 28, the New York Post returned to the corrupt scene. “A photo shows Joe Biden with a pair of his troubled son’s business associates from Kazakhstan in what appears to be the same Washington, DC, power-dining spot” — Cafe Milano — “where Hunter Biden introduced the future president to his overseas cronies,” the Post wrote. The photo “shows the Bidens smiling while flanked by Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev and Karim Massimov, a former prime minister of Kazakhstan.” The Post reported that on April 16, 2015, while Biden was vice president, he “met with Ukranian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates in Cafe Milano’s ‘Garden Room.'”

The Post wrote: “(B)anker Marc Holtzman … emailed Hunter Biden following the gathering. … ‘Thank you for an amazing evening, wonderful company and great conversation. I look forward to seeing you soon and to many opportunities to work closely together,’ wrote Holtzman, then the chairman of Kazkommertsbank, Kazakhstan’s largest bank.”

Hunter Biden is never the president’s favorite son, or the media’s favorite Biden. NPR tweeted over the weekend: “President Biden spoke in observance of Memorial Day at the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Sunday. It was also the sixth anniversary of the death of his son, Beau Biden, who had served in Iraq.”

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Hunter Biden’s name emerged only as White House correspondent Arlette Saenz — the absolute opposite of Hostile Jim Acosta — noted the president went to Beau Biden’s gravesite. “He was there with his family, including Beau’s son” and Hunter Biden, said Saenz. “There was a moment where you saw the president and Hunter embracing.” She then touted how the president relates “his own sense of loss” with grieving military families. “Beau had served in the Delaware National Guard and actually spent some time in Iraq, and the president said that seeing his son in uniform made his heart swell,” she said.

Team Biden works in the memory of Beau Biden whenever possible. A recent promotional interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell ended with a sappy question about what Beau would say if he were to see his “Pop” today, which allowed the president to get all misty over the thought. Obviously, O’Donnell had no troubling questions about Hunter.

CNN’s other mention of Hunter Biden since the New York Post story broke came just hours later, on Jake Tapper’s show “The Lead.” Tapper was interviewing liberal journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere about “Battle for the Soul,” his new book on the Democrats who ran for president in 2020.

Tapper said: “I have to say, one of the most shocking stories that you break in this — and it’s full of scoops — but one of the most shocking ones is about Biden’s son, Hunter. You reveal in the summer of 2019 — so, his dad is running for president — he’s actually pitching a reality show about himself to producers.”

What? The show never happened, but how did this story go untold during the entire election cycle, especially once Hunter Biden became a central figure in the campaign? Because everything was about suppressing Hunter’s importance.

Dovere explained: “One of the producers says to him, ‘Does your father know what you’re doing here?’ And he says, ‘Yes, yes. He knows. He knows.’ And Joe Biden himself has sort of — described in the book as a sort of willful naivete about this. He was always saying to Hunter, ‘You know what you’re doing, right?'”

“Willful naivete” pretty much describes the entire pro-Biden press corps when it comes to Hunter Biden. It’s see no Hunter; hear no Hunter; speak no Hunter.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org. To find out more about Tim Graham, and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.

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