The Biden White House is ideologically captured. Biden and his minions don’t just push through policy that is in direct opposition to Americans’ freedom, but they are not open to any measure of dissent. In fact, they have taken up the position that anyone who disagrees with them is a racist, or bigot, or some other invocation, simply to obfuscate from the fact that their ideas have no basis in reality.

They draped the White House in the Progress Pride flag, they held a massive Pride party on the lawn featuring topless TikTokers, they encourage parents to let their kids have sex changes, the Dept of Agriculture withheld free school lunches from schools that don’t allow students to choose facilities based on “gender identity,” and their justice department is targeting states that are actively trying to protect children, and protect women’s sports.

Speaking to press this week, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre talked down to a reporter who asked a very simple question about the safety of girls in athletic competitions when boys are permitted to compete against them, or on their teams. Biden supports changes to Title IX, the amendment that made it a requirement to give equal funding to girls’ sports in schools. Under Biden’s new plan, being pushed through by the Department of Education, Title IX would not enable women and girls to compete on a fair playing field, but would require boys who claim to be girls to join in those contests.

A reporter wanted to know how this would play out, and what the White House had to say to parents who were concerned that their daughters could be injured on the field when boys are also competing. This has been a problem in Australia, where a trans-identified male player injured a female player.

It’s been a problem in mixed martial arts where trans-identified male fighter Fallon Fox fractured the skull of a female competitor. In Scotland, referees for women’s rugby left the sport after watching male competitors fold women on the field “like deck chairs.” And male competitors in US college athletics, such as CeCe Telfer and Lia Thomas, have essentially stolen titles, opportunities, and prizes from women who were no match for these males.

The reporter questioning Jean-Pierre quoted Senator Tommy Tuberville, who tweeted “having biological males in women’s sports is unsafe, unfair and wrong.”

“And earlier this year,” the reporter continued, “several – 72 – elite female athletes signed an open letter, saying forcing female athletes to compete against biological males is not only unfair, it is discriminatory and illegal. So in light of the administration’s proposed changes to Title IX, does the White House worry about the physical safety of females directly competing against males in sports?”

“So look, this is a complicated issue,” Jean-Pierre obfuscated. “It is. And there are a wide range of views as you just laid out. The Department of Education proposed a rule that gives schools the flexibility to establish their own athletic policies, while establishing guardrails to prevent discrimination against transgender kids.” By this, she means that the DOE will encourage policies that allow boys to play on girls’ teams, or as they say, to compete on teams according to their “gender identity” and not their biological sex.

“And so I also want to make clear that this is a proposed rule,” Jean-Pierre said, knowing full well that Biden has pushed through an executive order requiring every federal agency to embrace trans ideology and implement it as part of their programming. “And members of the public have the ability to provide comment as part of the rulemaking process.” The public has been providing comments. However, at one point all of the comments were erased and there are far less comments on the public comment site than there would be had that “glitch” not occurred.

“And so any, you know, any additional questions that you may have of this proposed rule, certainly, I would refer you to the Department of Education. But we do understand this is a complicated issue,” Jean-Pierre said.

“To parents out there who have daughters,” the reporter continued, wanting clarity. “In high school, for example, who are worried that their daughter may have to compete against a male or a person born male, and then there could be directly in physical athletic competition and worried about their daughters’ safety.”

Jean-Pierre took offense at this question, and refused to answer it. She took a much different stance, and went on the offensive against the reporter, all because neither she nor her boss could handle the honest question.

“So look, what you’re alluding to is basically saying that transgender kids are dangerous,” Jean-Pierre said, intentionally misunderstanding the entire premise of the question.

“It sounds like that’s what you’re saying?” She said, as the reporter tried to clarify the obvious. She spoke over him. “Well, you’re saying that their safety is at risk.

“You’re laying out a broad kind of broad example or explanation of what could potentially happen, a broad a broad example or explanation, that is dangerous,” Jean-Pierre continued. And instead of addressing the known dangers to girls at the hands, feet, and fists of males, she claimed that the reporter’s question itself was the danger.

For the White House, questions are dangerous, and they cannot be tolerated.

“That is a dangerous thing to say,” Jean-Pierre said, “that essentially, transgender kids, we’re talking about, are dangerous. And so that is something that I have to call out. And that is that is, that is, that is irresponsible.

“I had just laid out how complicated this issue is,” she said, referencing her bland and nothing comments on the matter from moments before, “I just laid out why it’s complicated. And so anything that you have any additional questions, I refer to the Department of Education. I’m going to move on.”

The Biden administration claimed an allegiance to science during Covid, but what they meant then was that they were listening to their feelings and fears at best, or using the “science” as an excuse to control the American public at worst. They had no evidence to back up lockdowns, church and school closures, or the myriad booster shots.

The same thing is true now.

They have no evidence that encouraging minors to change sex makes their lives better, so they sling insults and try to shame reporters just for asking the questions. This is the method of ideologues who are more concerned with implementing ideology than understanding facts, acting on those facts, or doing what’s in the best interests of Americans and their kids.

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