Since I’m spending this week vacationing with my family in Newport Beach, I thought I’d talk to my son Cameron and let him do a little ranting.

Cameron is 43. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two little girls, ages 3 and 5.

His wife works full-time as a home loan processor and he has one of the toughest jobs in the world – stay-at-home dad.

That means for the last 15 months Cameron has been the parent who’s had to deal the most with the unpredictable craziness of California’s oppressive and unpredictable war on COVID-19.

He was the one who went to his daughter’s swimming lesson and had to watch the instructor stand in the pool wearing a mask.

“I wondered if it was like waterboarding yourself,” Cameron joked a few hours before Los Angeles County announced on Thursday that because of the recent rise in COVID cases — not deaths or hospitalizations — everyone must again wear masks in indoor public spaces — no matter what their vaccination status is.

Cameron has never been a fan of mandatory face masks — to say the least.

He’s no Dr. Anthony Fauci, but he knows forcing school kids to wear bacteria-laden masks six hours a day in class and during recess not only defies common sense, it makes kids sick.

Cameron knows a lot of people – old and young, white and black, Latino and Asian – and he knows those who got hit hard by COVID and who didn’t.

“I know a 95-year-old who got COVID and nothing happened. My wife’s mother’s boyfriend was on chemo and got COVID and he’s fine.”

Cameron knows that those are just two COVID cases with positive outcomes and that the death toll from the virus in LA County is nearly 25,000 people.

But he says you never hear those kinds of good stories because of the media’s constant negativity.

“All you hear is fear-mongering. It’s been fear-mongering from the beginning. I don’t believe a word these people are saying.”

I really get upset when I see the media blaming Trump for the disproportionate percentage of blacks and Latinos who’ve not got the vaccine.

Are there Trump supporters not getting vaccinated? Yeah. Biden supporters — who are black? Yeah. Hillary supporters — who are Latinos? Yeah.

Don’t tell anyone in the Biden White House or at CNN, but millions of unvaccinated Americans don’t support either political party.

Some won’t get vaccinated for sensible scientific reasons – because they’re young and healthy, or pregnant, or they’ve already had covid and recovered.

Some think the vaccines haven’t been tested well enough. Some will never get vaccinated for religious reasons.

Some simply don’t like or trust vaccines – or a federal government that forces potentially unsafe vaccines on them.

It shouldn’t surprise you that Cameron voted for Donald Trump.

But despite what Biden’s surgeon general and some liberal pundits want everyone to believe, President Trump is not the reason he has not been vaccinated – and never plans to be.

As he says, “I think the vaccine should be for people in high-risk categories – if you have a compromised immune system, you’re a 300-pound diabetic or over 70.”

Cameron says Trump has nothing to do with his Latino friends not getting vaccinated, either.

“They think it’s just weird. It’s stupid. It’s American silliness — crazy gringos.”

“They’re in all age groups. Armenians and Russians that I know think the same. They don’t believe the hyperbole. A lot of them are young and healthy and feel their immune systems are fine.”

As for his daughters, Cameron says, “They will not get vaccinated. There’s no way. They are 3 and 5. I’m not going to do it.”

And he doesn’t care who Fauci says should still be wearing masks or getting the COVID vaccine.

“That guy could get a job working for the Weather Channel because they’re the only people on the planet that could be more incorrect than him.”

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