Skepticism of man-made climate change and its causes won’t be taught in Portland, Oregon’s schools – causing some observers to say it’s “anti-education” to deliberately block debate on the issue.

According to The Portland Tribune, the Portland Public Schools board last week unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating from schools any doubt about climate change and its causes. The move – led by environmentalists – comes on the heels of an international agreement between the U.S. and other countries to curb emissions those governments claim are driving temperature and causing bigger, more powerful storms.


“It looks very anti-education – and it’s certainly not good science substituting for bad science,” says Dr. David Kreutzer, research fellow in energy, economics and climate change atThe Heritage Foundation. “You know, there’s good reason to call into question not whether the world has warmed – though that’s certainly worth talking about – but how much it’s warmed and how fast it’s warming and where we’re heading in the future.”

Individuals, think tanks and special-interest groups claim the world is doomed if man-made climate change isn’t addressed. In contrast, Kreutzer says it’s scary that people with a huge, radical environmental agenda are simply looking to shut down actual scientific debate.

“This seems to be part of the effort that’s broader than just Portland to just shut down any opposition whatsoever to the global warming hysteria agenda,” he says. “We see the attorneys general and the attorney general of the Virgin Islandssubpoenaing the Competitive Enterprise Institute and going after ExxonMobil, all in an attempt to shut down any opposition science thought at all.”

Hans von Spakovsky, Kreutzer’s colleague at The Heritage Foundation, has referred to the attorneys general investigation as an “inquisition.”

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