Those who have chosen to die on the hill of abortion and sexual confusion clearly have picked a side in the great cosmic struggle of good versus evil. But they don’t have to stay on that side.

You know, things haven’t always been this crazy.

I’m re-reading a Robert Ludlum thriller, “The Sigma Protocol” (2001), in which two young Americans are tracking a post-war cabal of Nazi-connected business titans who – what else? – conspire to take over the world.

The Americans – a man and a woman – confront an elderly Nazi in Argentina who defends the monster Dr. Mengele’s hideous concentration camp experiments. This furthered medical science, the old Nazi says, so we all benefit. A classic “ends justify the means.”

But listen for present-day echoes in his rant:

“You Americans are disgusted by how we did our research, but you use fetal tissue from abortions for your transplants, yes? Of course, there were many crackpot ideas. Trying to make girls into boys and boys into girls.”

In our day, pressure is building to force people to pretend that crackpot ideas are sane.

At a recent congressional hearing, Prof. Khiara M. Bridges from the Berkeley law school rebuked Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley for questioning her woke description of women as “people with the capacity for pregnancy.”

She was testifying about the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.

After she insisted that “cisgender” women (who identify with their biological sex) are not the only ones who can get pregnant, Hawley asked, “So this isn’t really a women’s rights issue?”

Calling Sen. Hawley, “transphobic,” Prof. Bridges responded, “We can recognize that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts other groups.”

This might be comical except that this insanity – that men can get pregnant – is the declared stance of the entire Democratic Party. They have dispensed with terms like man, woman, mother and father in favor of amorphous pronouns and plural terms like “they” and “them” for individuals.

It’s one thing to spin crazy thoughts up there in the attic while chewing on dope gummies and another to turn the law into a battering ram against reality.

Women and girls are taking the brunt of this. Record numbers of girls are suffering gender dysphoria, with many submitting to dangerous, puberty-delaying drugs, cross-hormones and even surgical removal of healthy organs. Confused males are occupying girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms and destroying women’s sports.

What if we get rid of the words “girl” and “woman” and dispense with women’s God-given ability to bear children and mother them? What do Democrats offer women in return?

That’s easy. Killing their babies at any stage of pregnancy. That’s the deal. Oh, and valuing women more when they mimic male behavior. Denying women’s unique strengths is their purported path to “equity.”

During the hearing, Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn called abortion “racist” because blacks have three to four times the number of terminated pregnancies. He asked Prof. Bridges if an unborn baby had value the day before delivery. She refused to answer, instead robotically reciting leftist jargon that she was interested only in “the person with capacity for pregnancy.”

Another woke panelist, Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton (D), also refused to respond to Sen. Cornyn’s question about whether babies have value. She haughtily answered, “It is cruel to deny that access to abortion is actually what is liberating for black women, to be able to have bodily autonomy.”

Never mind all the little black girls and boys who are aborted.

One more thing. In any pro-abortion demonstrations, rainbow and trans flags are ubiquitous. No surprise there. The abortion and LGBTQ causes are joined at the hip, with both in revolt against Nature and Nature’s God.

Not coincidentally, an official from the Church of Satan, which loves abortion, has estimated that about 50% of its membership identifies as LGBTQ.

Here’s a story the “mainstream” media will ignore. South African Satanic Church co-founder Riaan Swiegelaar recently renounced satanism and said he has been saved by Jesus Christ. He shared his testimony on Facebook and on “I think the reason a lot of people resonate with satanism is they come from a very broken place,” he said. “They are extremely broken and extremely hurt.”

His conversion came after he did a radio interview defending satanism. A station employee came over and surprised him with a hug. “That’s all she did,” he said. “I’ve never had a Christian do that. I’ve never experienced a Christian show[ing] that much love and acceptance unconditionally …. After I said the things I said, she did that.”

Later, while performing a satanic ritual, he mockingly challenged Jesus to show Himself. “He flooded me with the most beautiful love and energy and I recognized it immediately because that woman at the radio station showed it to me. That’s how I recognized the love of Christ.”

The Bible says that “by their fruits you shall know them.” Those who have chosen to die on the hill of abortion and sexual confusion clearly have picked a side in the great cosmic struggle of good versus evil.

But they don’t have to stay on that side.

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