The only thing leftist Democrat Kamala Harris got right in her October 7 debate with Vice President Mike Pence was that her purpose was not to exhibit any supposed “superiority” over Pence, but to use the occasion to contrast herself against President Trump. Unfortunately for Harris, she succeeded on both counts. Not only was she quantifiably the big loser of the night going up against Pence, but she also revealed a truly sinister leftist Democrat alternative universe that would inflict horrendous damage on the nation, were it ever to succeed.

Admittedly, the entire presidential and vice-presidential “debate” forum of recent years has degenerated into a skeletal caricature of what such events were originally intended to be. Back when Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas agreed to engage in front of the public, the goal was to spotlight the issues of the day, and give voters a clear perspective on where each candidate stood. This was particularly important at a time when few alternative sources of information existed.

Sadly though the enormity of high-tech communications has made reporting available to all on a vastly larger scale than even a few decades ago, this does not translate to any guarantee of truth. As the scope of political campaigning has expanded, leftists have been compelled to suppress truth in every possible manner, since reality and truth are the greatest obstacles to their perverse agenda. So it was imperative that “debates” be devoid of real, factual discourse. As a result they have lost any recognizable or useful form.

Even the notion of which candidate “won” a debate is itself an absurdity and distraction. This is not a horse race! The goal of viewers should not be to determine which candidate has the best “one liners,” or does the best job of quick-witted lying on his or her feet. Rather, it should all be about learning what each candidate actually believes, and consequently what the election of each would mean for the country. Of course any honest assessment on that basis is poison to leftist Democrats. So it is guaranteed that they will never allow things to return to such a place.

Still, in the midst of all the chicanery and duplicity of both “debates” we have seen thus far, enough evidence has been revealed to give honest Americans ample warnings as to how each party’s candidate would affect the nation’s future. The contrast between two camps could not be more stark, or more scary!

To grasp just how horrendously the leftist Democrats would devastate every decent aspect of our great America, one need only consider the upheaval of the past nine months. From the moment Americans were made aware of the Wuhan virus, Democrats have been posturing all over the place in response to it. The only thing about which they’ve been absolutely consistent is their obvious intent to shamelessly exploit the virus for political gain.

President Trump quickly responded to the looming danger by banning travel from China; a move that was met with caterwauling from Democrats, who accused him of hatred, bigotry, and overreacting. Yet the moment they realized that the fear and chaos would play well into their political agenda, Democrats instantly pivoted and began pushing for every unconstitutional power grab, ostensibly for the “safety” of the American people.

“Lockdowns,” which are clearly in direct defiance of the Constitution, have been implemented in every “Blue” (leftist Democrat dominated) state and municipality across the country, under the guise of “public safety.” Meanwhile, as honest citizens are being fettered and prevented from functioning in any normal manner, marauding mobs of antifa and BLM anarchists are laying waste to urban areas, looting, vandalizing, assaulting, and even murdering in the name of Marxist/leftist “social justice.” In response, Democrat politicians are either supportive or totally silent, which is tacit support.

Democrat “Lockdown” policies have been onerous and ineffective, driving many Americans out of business, and inflicting unspeakable anguish on those forced into isolation. Drug and alcohol abuse have spiked horrendously. And suicide rates in many areas have greatly exceeded actual deaths from the virus.

In New York leftist Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo sentenced literally thousands among the elderly to death from the disease, on account of his insane and murderous policy of forcing infected patients into nursing homes where the disease spread. Yet all those leftist Fake News minions who claim to care about the plight of the “little guy” have done nothing to hold Cuomo accountable, and instead have deliberately deflected attention from him by claiming that unnecessary deaths are somehow President Trump’s fault.

It is grimly fitting that so many are speculating on the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election as a descent into post-apocalyptic national dystopia. This is most often asserted by leftists, who are actually threatening more tantrums if Americans dare defy their demands that the nation vote Democrat. But in a much more real, and dangerous sense, the fate of the nation is in grave danger if leftist Democrats ever achieve electoral dominance, either now or at any time in the future.

Given the iron fisted suppression of opposition among leftists wherever they dominate, from schools to the corporate world to the sewer that once was the “entertainment” industry, and given the willingness of leftist Democrat governors such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, California’s Gavin Newsom, and Washington’s Jay Inslee to obsess with power the moment they were able to seize on the Wuhan virus as an excuse, it is beyond naive to think they would ever relinquish that power on their own.

Thankfully, the individuality of the other states has provided a firewall against this despotic onslaught, at least for the moment. But that protection would quickly collapse, along with every other constitutional principle of a free nation, in the immediate wake of a Democrat “victory,” no matter how fraudulently it is achieved.

Christopher G. Adamo is a lifelong conservative from the American Heartland. He has been involved in grassroots and state-level politics for years. His recently released book Rules for Defeating Radicals, subtitled Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture, is the “Go To” guide for effectively overcoming the dirty tricks of the political left. It is available at Amazon.

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