The Supreme Court on Friday morning declined to issue a ruling one way or another on a case about whether or not the Trump administration may direct that illegal immigrants be excluded from the census count for the purposes of congressional representation.

An unsigned opinion from the majority of the court concluded that it would be premature to issue a ruling because it is uncertain how the administration will eventually implement the directive to not count illegal immigrants from a memo President Trump signed in July.

“At present, this case is riddled with contingencies and speculation that impede judicial review,” the unsigned opinion of the court read.
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Supreme Court Throws out Challenge to Trump Census Immigrant Plan

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday threw out a lawsuit seeking to block President Donald Trump’s plan to exclude immigrants living in the United States illegally from the population count used to allocate congressional districts to states.

The 6-3 ruling on ideological lines with the court’s six conservatives in the majority and three liberals dissenting, gives Trump a short-term victory as he pursues his hard-line policies toward immigration in the final weeks of his presidency.
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