Ten schools in a Phoenix-area community college district have opened up their campuses to allow unfettered student speech, thanks to an ADF lawsuit.

Maricopa County Community Colleges, in an agreement with Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers, have done away with their unreasonably restrictive speech codes. Attorney Tyson Langhofer says the old speech code required a 48-hour notice and restricted students to a very small area on campus.

“This new policy essentially eliminates that and designates the entire outdoor area of each college campus as a speech zone for students where they can express themselves and discuss important topics,” Langhofer tells OneNewsNow.

He says the lawsuit inspired Republican state Rep. Anthony Kern to introduce legislation to do away with free-speech zones on college campuses, and that was approved earlier this year.

“So no longer will any college in Arizona be able to restrict speech to a narrow area,” the attorney summarizes. “And the state law now reflects, as it should, the constitutional right of each student to speak everywhere on campus.”

Two members of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Paradise Valley Community College filed the initial lawsuit, which has now been dismissed because of the settlement.


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