A conservative advocacy law firm is taking the SPLC to task for issuing its so-called “hate report” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy Tedesco, vice president of U.S. advocacy at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), finds it “appalling” that the Southern Poverty Law Center would choose this moment of crisis to launch its “report.”

“We live in a time where people are coming together. They’re joining together; they’re unifying across political divides to fight against a common enemy, one of the greatest threats we’ve experienced as a nation in literally decades, and that’s the coronavirus,” Tedesco notes. “And right in the middle of that call for unity, the SPLC issues its false and divisive hate report.”

SPLC has labeled Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate group,” along with American Family Association (AFA) and Family Research Council (FRC).

“What the SPLC does is spread false information about groups who disagree with their far-left political views, and what they do is they lump those principled conservative and religious groups like Alliance Defending Freedom, like Family Research Council, like AFA and others, alongside of completely deplorable groups like white supremacists and make no distinctions between the two,” Tedesco continues.

He points out that the SPLC capitalizes on attacking mainstream religious conservative groups who promote views that millions of people throughout the world share and believe in, so he thinks this is “a sad statement” on how the law group operates.

“It’s got no place at all in our society, but especially right now when we’re all trying to come together and ignore our differences and figure out a way to defeat this thing that’s threatening all of us,” Tedesco asserts.

He goes on to add that ADF is “one of the most respected and successful U.S. Supreme Court advocates when it comes to the First Amendment in the country.” The firm has won ten cases at the Supreme Court in the last nine years and has been involved in 56 victories at the Supreme Court since its inception.

“We were ranked one of the top performing firms when it comes to Supreme Court advocacy,” says Tedesco.


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