A conservative activist believes billionaire leftist George Soros is pouring millions into district attorney races in states like Virginia in order to provide potential cover for future perpetrators of voter fraud.

The media declared it a major victory for Democrats when, on Tuesday, they successfully flipped both the state Senate and the House of Delegates, giving them control of the legislature and the governor’s office for the first time in more than two decades.

Also on the ballot were four district attorney races in Northern Virginia that were won by Democrats as well. Those “progressives,” as they’ve been labeled, have promised major changes such as moving away from the death penalty, dropping prosecutions for marijuana possession, ending cash bail, and limiting cooperation with immigration authorities.

Washington Times columnist Robert Knight, who resides in Northern Virginia, offers another reason why these election results in four of the state’s most populous counties should greatly concern the citizens of the Commonwealth.

“[District attorneys] have a big sway over criminal justice policy and legislation,” he explains. “They are key posts, and they can interpret the law and decide what to prosecute and what not to prosecute.”

Knight drills down on the impacts those decisions could potentially have.

“Given the amount of vote fraud going on in the country,” he continues, “I think this is all designed to ensure that when leftists steal votes and commit vote fraud, they’re not going to face any problems from prosecutors.”

According to The Washington Post, the outcomes in three of the DA races “were powered to a significant degree” by George Soros, whose Justice and Public Safety PAC poured nearly $2.1 million into the primary and general election campaigns of those progressive candidates in Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun counties. The Post says the winner of the contest in Prince William County didn’t receive in-kind contributions from Soros.

That report seems to validate Knight’s concern about Soros’ influence beyond Virginia:

“The spending was unprecedented in prosecutors’ races in Virginia, part of an effort by Soros to tip prosecutors’ offices to progressive candidates across the country,” said the Post. “It was also controversial, since opponents accused the recipients of being in the pocket of a billionaire with limited connections to Virginia.”


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