Here’s a case that should get you talking. It shows how political correctness trumps accountability, and how students these days can be as disruptive as they want to be, and teachers are often left with little recourse. In this case, a student would not be quiet. He kept interrupting the teacher over and over again, saying, “I’m Mexican.” Finally, the teacher snapped and said, “Then go back to Mexico.” That’s when the school administration stepped in and suspended her.

As noted in the Fox News report, Shirley Bunn is a 2-time teacher of the year with 24 years of teaching experience. She teaches math to junior high students, but now her entire career is in jeopardy.

According to public documents, a student who had a history of being disruptive repeatedly asked his teacher for a form printed in Spanish by saying, “I’m Mexican. I’m Mexican.”

The documents said Bunn tried to tell him that he could get the forms in the office but he continued to argue with her and repeat, “I’m Mexican.”

In response, Bunn blurted out “[Then] go back to Mexico.”

Should the teacher have blurted out the statement? No. But let’s have a little common sense here. People are people. They are NOT robots. Just because a word or phrase slips out in a moment of frustration is not grounds for termination. It’s not even grounds for a reprimand. If anyone should be getting in trouble, it’s the student.

As soon as we bring back some common sense into the classroom, situations like this will sort themselves out. Just look at how much time, resources, and money were wasted during this “investigation.” It’s non-sense! This is America… learn English… study reading, writing, and arithmetic… then get a job.

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