A gun-rights organization hopes the U.S. Senate will tell President Obama it won’t accept his nomination for the Supreme Court.

Gun Owners of America has announced it’s opposed to the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland, citing his left-wing views that include opposing Second Amendment rights.

“This is no moderate. This is no consensus candidate,” GOA’s Erich Pratt says of Garland. “He is way out of step with average Americans.”

Pratt points out that the reliably liberal New York Times describes Garland as liberal, including this graphic that compared him to other left-wing justicies.

GOA and other pro-Second Amendment organizations have noted that Garland was involved in the Supreme Court case that overurned the controversial gun ban in Washington, D.C.

The landmark case District of Columbia vs. Heller angered many liberals because it found a fundamental right, via the Second Amendment, to firearm ownership for self-defense. At the time firearms were banned in homes in D.C.

Garland voted to rehear the case after the gun bun was struck down, which critics suggest showed he intended to vote to uphold the ban.

Regarding the arguments for Garland, Pratt says the suggestion that a President Hillary Clinton might choose someone more liberal than Garland underscores the importance of the election.

“And it’s important for people not to stay home if their guy doesn’t make it in the Republican primary,” he warns. “This is not a year to hold your nose and stay home.”

Adams: If Congress caves, it’s all over

A former Justice Department attorney concurs and offers his argument why it’s essential for people to vote in November if they don’t want to see the Supreme Court permanently radicalized. First of all, says J. Christian Adams, voters need to understand Obama would never appoint anyone other than a reliable left-wing ideologue.

“Garland is not a moderate. He has voted on some extremely left-wing issues,” he tells OneNewsNow. “The president would not have nominated him if he was a moderate. This president only nominates people who are reliably far-left – and Garland fits that description. On the Second Amendment for example, he’s terrible.”

Adams is confident the Republican-controlled Senate will hold firm and not cave to pressure to confirm Garland. “They realize this is an existential issue,” he continues. “If they cave on this, the country is lost – and they understand that in a way that I’ve not seen them understand something in a very long time.”

And he doesn’t buy into the idea that Garland might be considered by a lame-duck Senate if Hillary Clinton wins in November.

“What I think will happen then is, if Hillary wins, the president will withdraw the nomination and perhaps let Hillary and her new Congress – where the Democrats are likely to pick up a seat or two – decide who the next Supreme Court justice will be.”

Adams now serves as legal editor for PJ Media.


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