Skyrocketing gun sales in January – marked by an all-time single-month record of 4.3 million background checks for firearms – were ushered in by the inauguration of President Joe Biden and his pro-gun control administration.

In addition, more guns were sold last year than ever before.

“Overall, 2020 saw the highest number of background checks on record with nearly 39.7 million,” U.S. News reported. “When the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic in March, background checks skyrocketed to a high, at the time, of 3.74 million, [and] background checks jumped again in May and June following the police killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests that followed – increasing to more than 3.9 million in June.”

That month, the FBI reported exactly 3,931,607 background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System as rioters and looters attacked and killed police officers while torching buildings, and six months later in December, the FBI reported a new record of 3,937,066 background checks in anticipation an anti-gun Democratic president occupying the White House.

Conservatives fearing Democrat takeover

With the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., to protest Biden’s ill-gotten Electoral College votes, Democrats renewed their campaign to impeach then-President Donald Trump and their radical left supporters seized the opportunity to ban conservatives on social media, including Trump’s Twitter account, causing many conservatives to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms with the incoming gun control agenda pushed by the Biden administration.

The number of gun sales was estimated by Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF) at around 2.2 million by calculating the number of gun sales relative to the number of background checks registered by the FBI.

“January 2021 certainly started off with a sales ‘bang’ due to the turmoil surrounding the confirmation and inauguration of Mr. Biden as the new U.S. president,” SAAF Chief Economist Jurgen Brauer said. “The 79% year-over-year increase, however, was NOT unprecedented – an even higher increase, of just over 100%, was experienced in January 2013 – the month Mr. Obama’s second presidential term began.”

Over a decade ago, Americans feared that Obama would continue to push his radical gun control policies as the promises of his so-called moderate agenda swayed more and more toward the far left every year.

“[I]n January of 2009 – the month of former President Barack Obama first inauguration – 1,213,885 NICS background checks were reported by the FBI, according to the bureau, [but] in January of 2013 – when Obama was inaugurated a second time – the FBI reported it conducted 2,495,440 background checks, “The Western Journal reported.

It is argued that the Biden administration — which has already assumed a power grab by signing an unprecedented number of executive orders to bypass legislation and the will of the people – will stop at nothing to assume more control while diminishing the freedom on American citizens that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

“Americans rightly fear an intrusive and abusive administration might soon come for their most basic liberties, which it has vowed to do,” Western Journal’s Kipp Jones pointed out. “Millions of them have armed themselves and continue to do so – and that’s a silver lining to the Biden election.”

This trend of more and more Americans arming themselves has steadily increased since the FBI started background checks back in 1998, and with left-leaning social media groups – such as Facebook recently terminating the account of a gun rights group without giving a reason, it is anticipated that conservatives will continue to increasingly arm themselves until Democrats revoke their 2nd Amendment right.

“The last year has shown that the demand for guns for protection from threats is growing,” Jones recounted. “Law-abiding people saw the devastation of the left’s riots, broader social unrest and – even in some cases – a breakdown of basic service and civility – thanks to the pandemic and the ugliness of human nature. People want to keep and bear arms to protect themselves, their property and their families. They also apparently sense that their right to do so is being threatened, so more and more Americans are pulling out their wallets at gun retailers.”

The anticipation of Democrats continuing to abuse their executive and legislative power has been credited by National Shooting Sports Foundation Director of Public Affairs Mark Oliva for the unprecedented rise in Americans purchasing guns.

“It can’t be discounted that many of these background checks for the purchase of a firearm are attributed to threats by the Biden administration to enact the most radical and far-reaching gun control agenda ever proposed,” Oliva told Fox News. “Americans are continuing to purchase firearms at a blistering pace.”


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