Think of it as a woke-up call.

Voters in San Francisco, one of the most liberal cities in one of the most liberal states, have had it with officials who focus on anything and everything but what they are supposed to be doing. Though decisions made by local school committees don’t generally make national news, the San Francisco school panel seemed intent on showing itself to be outrageously out of touch. While the committee had closed the city’s schools, ostensibly to protect kids from COVID-19, it embarked on a project to rename some 44 schools. The reason? The names didn’t reflect the current leftie values. Or something.

A few of the names that were just too much for the sensitive San Franciscans to stomach: George Washington; Thomas Jefferson; and Abraham Lincoln.

In normal times, which these most decidedly are not, one might be tempted to wonder if this was a parody of woke left values. But it was all too real.

It was even too much for Mayor London Breed, a Black woman who’ll never be confused with a right-winger. After voters initiated a recall effort against three of the seven school board members – the remaining four had not served long enough to be subject to recall – the progressive mayor backed the move.

On Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly gave the trio the boot, with more than 70% support.

This is where one would like to believe that even today’s progressives will stand up and take notice. But that’s not likely, at least not with many folks. Often in our era, when a group on the far left promote some loopy scheme and are slapped down by clear-thinking folk, there’s a solid core of progressives who argue that the real problem was that they hadn’t been progressive enough. What’s needed, they say, is even more leftiness.

The San Francisco recall, it should be noted, came just three months after the earthquake that was the Virginia gubernatorial election, which saw Republican Glenn Youngkin win in a state that Joe Biden had won handily just a year prior. That campaign, too, focused on leftie excesses around COVID restrictions and school closures, as well as on what was being taught and what kids weren’t learning.

Leftie Democrats at all levels of government need to understand that this backlash is coming for them. But will they?

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