Filled with confidence after Tuesday’s primary elections in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington, DC, Mitt Romney turned his focus to the media and Barack Obama. In a speech to the American Society of News Editors, Romney threw down a challenge to the press to be “serious referees in this year’s election.”

As reported by the Washington Times, Romney said, “I find myself missing the presence of editors to exercise quality control. I miss the days of two or more sources to a story, when at least one source was actually named.”

The challenge to the press and the newly emboldened attacks on Mr. Obama come a day after Mr. Romney swept primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia and appeared to have put himself on firm footing as he pushes to wrap up the Republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Romney laid out an expansive line of attacks on the president, saying that his stimulus plan failed to right the economy, that he has amassed the worst debt record in history and that he is running a campaign defined by attacks on the GOP, rather than defending his own record.

Romney is right on, and his approach is unique. Rather than simply complaining about the left wing media, Romney is talking about how they should be doing their job and challenging them to do so. Is it really so hard to get multiple sources? Has every single journalist sold out to the liberal agenda? If so, Romney is calling them on the carpet.

The more the media’s agenda is exposed, the less influence they will have:

“I think that there is oftentimes the impulse to suggest that if the two parties are disagreeing, then they’re equally at fault, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And an equivalence is presented, which reinforces, I think, people’s cynicism about Washington generally,” the president said.

Mr. Romney’s plea to the editors was to focus less on gaffes and gossip and to hold the candidates accountable for their plans for the country.

Will it work? Probably not. But simply crying and whining about the bias of the media will do absolutely no good. Go after their credibility (or lack thereof). It’s a start.

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