It’s an ongoing battle. We live in a nation that was built on the foundations of God and Judeo-Christian values, yet every time those values are expressed or acknowledged, a law suit is filed to shut it down. We see it in local governments. We see it in the courts. Now, we are seeing it more and more in the military. They say there are no atheists in foxholes, but that’s exactly what the liberal elite, politically correct class would have us become.

Last month, I wrote about a story involving the Department of Veterans Affairs. According to allegations, prayers at a veterans cemetery in Houston were being censored. Words like “God” and “Jesus” were being censored from the prayers.

Now, the Air Force is taking heat for a course it teaches to those airmen charged with launching nuclear weapons. According to, the course was titled Christian War Theory and “quoted scripture and passages from Augustine’s ‘Qualifications for Just War.'”

Does that mean “modern times” no longer has a place for God? If God is not relevant to officers who are in control of weapons of mass destruction, where is God relevant? adds to the report, saying the course, which was taught by chaplains for more than 20 years, has been suspended because the curriculum included “Bible passages.”

The course, called “Christian Just War Theory” was taught by chaplains at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., and used Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments to show missile launch officers that it can be moral to go to war.

But the watchdog group, Military Religious Freedom Foundation, said the course violated the constitutional separation of church and state and filed a complaint last Wednesday on behalf of 31 missile launch officers – both instructors and students.

David Smith, the spokesman for the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command, said the main purpose of the class was to help missile launch officers understand that “what they are embarking on is very difficult and you have to have a certain amount of ethics about what you are doing to do that job.”

The report quotes Mikey Weinstein, the president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, as saying, “The United States Air Force was promoting a particular brand of right-wing fundamentalist Christianity.” Are you serious?

According to Weinstein, had the Air Force not shut down this course, his group “would have filed an immediate class-action lawsuit in federal court to force their hand.”

In an interview on Fox News Radio, retired U.S. Navy Chaplain Commander Daniel McKay hit the nail on the head by saying:

“Why is it inappropriate to give our people guidelines that have withstood the test of time – to give us moral guidance,” McKay asked. “I think there are certain segments within our society who are making concerted efforts to take us away from our Judeo-Christian values, principles and morals,” he said.

“History will prove that if you stay true to God’s wisdom, it will serve us well and it has served us well.” McKay said it’s possible that parts of the military are trying to play “all sides of the fence – trying to take a middle-of-the-road approach.”

And so what do we do? With each passing year, the courts and left-wing activists have put Christianity on notice. Gays are more than welcomed to “come out of the closet,” but if you are a Christian, you better keep your beliefs to yourself.

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